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Term Papers 211 - 240

king louis xiv

 King Louis was thought to be the Ideal king Nationally know throughout France Greatly appreciated throug...

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spencer Published on 01/20/2004 1486 Reads Poems

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever As the years pass, and we grow apart, I want you to know, that you are in my heart. You helped me th...

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Kristy923 Published on 01/15/2004 1969 Reads Poems

True Beauty

True Beauty We all want to be beautiful. For more and more women our “want” to be beautiful has become a desire for thinness....

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Kristy923 Published on 01/15/2004 1972 Reads Creative Writing

Causes of Guilt

The Causes of Guilt What causes guilt? There are many things in life that cause guilt. Some of those things are; doing wrong...

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Kristy923 Published on 01/15/2004 1920 Reads Creative Writing

Who is more Flirtatious?

Who Is More Flirtatious?? What does the word flirt really mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? People ask these questions...

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Kristy923 Published on 01/15/2004 1870 Reads Creative Writing

Macedonia is not greek

Macedonians were never under greek civilization.Macedonia is the oldest name in europe and the country is only for Macedonians. ...

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makedonija Published on 01/14/2004 1749 Reads Creative Writing

frustration unleashed

Again and again, My heart endures pain Its shattered, destroyed, Dispersing like rain. Now all that remains, Are the scars, I...

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kewljcs Published on 01/11/2004 1604 Reads Poems

The Last Day

The Last Day I will never forget the night my grandfather was rushed to the hospital as he was gasping for breath. I could not...

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gpavlushkin Published on 12/22/2003 1496 Reads Creative Writing

Special Education Case Study

Abstract The purpose of the field experience case study was to be enlightened by and involved with an individua...

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t-bone Published on 12/18/2003 2797 Reads Creative Writing

Last Resort

Last Resort Pondering Waiting My mind escaping Running Hiding My spirit fighting Living Brea...

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GothicPhilos05 Published on 12/13/2003 1610 Reads Poems

Monkey See Monkey Do

“Monkey See Monkey Do” Once upon a time, in a tropical forest far away, there lived a monkey and a zebra. The monkey was wild a...

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juggalo_g Published on 12/12/2003 1670 Reads Creative Writing

I love this song very much. It is not only peaceful and beautiful but also meaningful. Every time when I hear it I cannot ...

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zoeae Published on 12/01/2003 124 Reads Poems


All night, he evaporates with her scent By silver times, his soul rains on her eyelids He pours his soul between her eyelashes ...

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Razian Published on 11/21/2003 1512 Reads Poems

Dead Goes Wild

A WILD DEPARTURE Tears filled Tarzanna¡¯s eyes as she was holding the old photograph of her family, with her fa...

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James Wang Published on 11/20/2003 1613 Reads Creative Writing

The senses of the Pier

Right now I find myself on the pier-bridge surrounded by loud sounds of many different birds. Their sound mixes with the far noise...

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sweetbebe Published on 11/16/2003 1712 Reads Creative Writing

Momba Jomba

I was running in my wheel I was having a squeal, Then along came the girl, She made me do a twirl. Then she took me away ...

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vic Published on 12/07/2002 1691 Reads Poems


How can I choose, While I sing these blues, Upon the mountaintop, Where the little bunnies hop, Why do you force me, Why can’...

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vic Published on 12/07/2002 1576 Reads Poems


I can’t cry, I won’t cry, I have to hope, I’ll always hope. I deserve to live, I shall live, I can’t give up, I am a person...

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vic Published on 12/07/2002 1827 Reads Poems

Destined for Home

My whole senior year I could not wait to go away to college. I just wanted to get away from my parents, my siblings, my job and se...

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murphdog1982 Published on 12/06/2002 1531 Reads Creative Writing


let me drop the blue print/am jay the illest the first ever nigg@ to rock the pink/leather gun/i make your kids my son's/when i bu...

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theillest Published on 12/03/2002 1660 Reads Poems

Of men and women

It is a simple truth that men and women are different but women are also convoluted. When guys lose weight, they like hearing a...

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annerik Published on 11/29/2002 1376 Reads Creative Writing

Thoughts about kissing

I don’t exactly remember my first kissing experience, but I think I can paint a pretty good picture of it. I had just been thro...

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annerik Published on 11/29/2002 1377 Reads Creative Writing

American Dream

As we walk along the streets of San Francisco or any other place here in United States, we see different faces, faces that identif...

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Jschick86 Published on 11/27/2002 2134 Reads Creative Writing

21st Century Time Capsule

Ring! Ring! Beep! Beep! Everywhere we go we can hear the sounds of machinery and different contraptions that have developed over t...

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Jschick86 Published on 11/27/2002 2245 Reads Creative Writing

Morning Draft

When I don't understand your perfect plan, And everything is faded, The love You've shown in all my life Is worth the time I've...

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hyperskate Published on 11/24/2002 1615 Reads Poems

Embarrassing Moment

I have always hated gym class. I was the girl who stood there and waited for the ball to hit her during dodge ball. I was the girl...

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wildguesswc Published on 11/13/2002 2300 Reads Creative Writing

Tired Angels

Tired bodies, weary eyes, worried features, heartfelt cries. Heroes in the making on this destructive day, people trying to hel...

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sccason Published on 11/11/2002 1665 Reads Poems

My Journey

Enter into a darkness Where coldness meets with your feet, You walk forward, still the fog consumes your dull senses. Pitch b...

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hyperskate Published on 11/10/2002 1747 Reads Poems

Disappearing Boy

In the morning, she went in to check on her son as usual. She knocked gently and pushed the door open. The morning light was obscu...

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Ethan Published on 11/09/2002 1771 Reads Creative Writing


The thin air held a frigid tone this evening, and a slight breeze brought a sudden rush of coldness to my face. "It’s safe. Co...

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hyperskate Published on 11/07/2002 1714 Reads Creative Writing