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American Dream

Uploaded by Jschick86 on Nov 27, 2002

As we walk along the streets of San Francisco or any other place here in United States, we see different faces, faces that identify a person’s ethnicity, religion, and sometimes personality. America is a country of immigrants either from Asia, Africa or Europe. People from all around the world have many ideas and concepts that associate with the words United States. Some people think of it in positive sense, hence the freedom and opportunities; others think of it negatively such as high taxes and the possible target of a terrorist attack. Many people migrate here in America in search for jobs and opportunities leaving their relatives and loved ones behind in search for a better tomorrow. Others migrate to escape the wars happening in their countries. They search for peace and security. Opportunity, freedom, peace and security is what people these days long for. These are the American dreams, but as we reflect upon these dreams, we must ponder and ask ourselves, “Is America really the fulfillment of these dreams?”

Poverty is one of the biggest problems of our world today. We often see people pushing carts on the streets and sleeping under bridges. These people pick garbage in search for food to eat and cans to trade for money. America is no exception. Indeed, America is a land of opportunity, yet recently America hasn’t been that fulfilling in sustaining the basic needs of people especially the poor. Massive layoffs have been occurring over these past months leaving many people homeless and hungry. Having enough opportunities is an American dream. We all know that having a job is the main source of income for everybody, although, education is one of the requirements in order to have a decent source of living. Having the opportunity to acquire sufficient knowledge that could better prepare a person to face the demanding world is one of the reasons students from all around the world migrate here in America. America is known for having a high standard of education and free tuition for public school from elementary to high school. This privilege is very important especially to the parents who can’t earn enough money to support their child’s needs. Surely free education and sufficient amount of job offers are an American dream.

Early in the spring we see flowers blooming and birds soaring up in the clear blue sky, a sign of hope and freedom. For years,...

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Uploaded by:   Jschick86

Date:   11/27/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   4 pages (817 words)

Views:   2281

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American Dream

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