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Dead Goes Wild

Uploaded by James Wang on Nov 20, 2003


Tears filled Tarzanna¡¯s eyes as she was holding the old photograph of her family, with her father and her mother holding her hands.

Tarzanna¡¯s mother disappeared a few years ago in a Patagonian swamp while searching for the bird snake, Thelotornis Kirtland. However, Tarzanna believed her mother¡¯s disappearance was not an accident, she believed it has something to do with her father, who became moody and depressed after her mother¡¯s disappearance.

¡°What¡¯s wrong, honey?¡± asked her father Griswald Wild, a famous animal collector, writer and Australia fauna expert. He had been locking him self in his underground lab all days, only came out a few times during for a break. Tarzanna¡¯s believed that he was developing a extremely rare and frightening animal, which will be kept as a pet just like his many other arachnid friends, and he was preparing the animal for the zoo¡¯s hi-tech Arachnid Exhibition.

¡°I¡¯m fine,¡± answered Tarzanna, wiping off her tears from her face.

¡°I knew you missed her,¡± comforting Grizzy. ¡°We missed your mother too, we all missed her just as much as you do,¡±

¡°No, you never missed her! You were the one who had killed her at the swamp!¡± Tarzanna was shouting at her father. Soon as she finished, she ran away into the endless corridor, left Grizzy facing the large black bears roaming in the darkness and coldness of early August out side of the huge 1000 hectare of magnificent Australian scenery and mansion Grizzy owned deep in the forest of Tasmania.

After quite a while, Grizzy went back into his underground lab to work again, trying to get the job finished just before the Arachnid Exhibition in late August. Anna, as her friend would call, hung around the large mansion alone. She did need to be alone that moment. After a moment, she went into the arachnid habitat room to feed the arachnids¡¯ their daily meals. She was one of the only three people in the mansion who had the keys to the dangerous or the deadly room. Grizzy and Dr. Storm were the other two. She took a bucket full of living food for the arachnids. As she was doing that, all the arachnids ran around vigorously in their own dorms. As she was feeding the Africa Red Legged spiders just in front the large window of the room, she saw there was a white limousine coming up from the winding...

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Uploaded by:   James Wang

Date:   11/20/2003

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   23 pages (5,226 words)

Views:   1839

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Dead Goes Wild

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