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Who is more Flirtatious?

Uploaded by Kristy923 on Jan 15, 2004

Who Is More Flirtatious??

What does the word flirt really mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? People ask these questions all the time. Well, in Webster’s New World College Dictionary, the word flirt is defined as follows: "to pay amorous attention without serious intentions or emotional commitment; play at love". Flirting by definition therefore is light-hearted and non-serious play.
In my opinion, girls flirt way more than guys do. Girls can flirt in the way they dress, act, and talk. A girl walks into the mall wearing some revealing clothes and parades up to a guy she does not know, and has no intentions of really getting to know, just because she thinks he is really cute. She starts talking with him and touches his arm, giggles and then asks him if he wants to go somewhere with her. Automatically the guy is going to get the impression that this girl wants to have some sort of contact. This girl will probably end up hurting the guy along with herself.
I think that everyone flirts in some way or another . I’ll admit that I flirt, but hopefully I do not lead guys to believe that I want to have some kind of relationship with them unless I really do. I would never wear revealing clothes or walk up to some strange guy at the mall that I do not even know. I have a lot of guy friends that I talk, laugh and hang out with; so occasionally I might flirt with them just to get their reaction. I do not think that it is harmful to flirt with your guy friends as long as they know that you are just joking around and that you do not have feelings for them. In some cases, though, one of my guy friends might like me and then I think that it would be a good idea NOT to flirt with him. The guy might have feelings for me that I do not have for him, and flirting would just lead him to believe that I did.
I don’t think that girls are the only ones that flirt. I know that guys flirt, too. I have recently been watching this one guy in high school and seeing exactly how he...

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Uploaded by:   Kristy923

Date:   01/15/2004

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (523 words)

Views:   1791

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Who is more Flirtatious?

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