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The senses of the Pier

Uploaded by sweetbebe on Nov 16, 2003

Right now I find myself on the pier-bridge surrounded by loud sounds of many different birds. Their sound mixes with the far noise of the people who are walking nearby and talking. I smell the candies and ice-cream that are being sold outside next to the entrance door of the Pier. A few people stand in the line and wait patiently until it's their turn to make an order. I see some twisted faces. An aimless smile hovers in the air, but vanishes a few seconds later. I can feel the breeze of air, the weak cold wind that blows along the reaches of the street.

I hear a couple nearby talking about the beauty of the water, sun and the beach, but I'm asking myself if they or any of us recognize the real beauty of all those things.

Every street lamp beats like a fatalistic drum and the corner of the eyes of some people twists like a crooked pin. I can see a crowd of twisted things; A twisted branch upon the beach eaten smooth, and polished as if the world gave up the secret of its skeleton, stiff and white. On the right side of the big Pier-building boats are moving slowly to the water current. The waves are hitting against the sides and edges and causing the steady unbalanced movements of the boats. All the time I ask my self:"Can we really see the bright sky or the shine of the sun?" "Can we really hear the bird's songs and the water's waves?" "I'm sure we can, but sometimes we just don't try enough!"

Many little things make something great. Some things may appear simple, but by looking closer and carefully many tiny details start to show and reveal themselves. Everything connects itself and slowly begins to make a sense. Nature's beauty is always present, but we need time to recognize it. When it rains, most of us see water falling down from the clouds, but actually, water is nature's work of many raindrops that glance through the endless light that surrounds us. Many different smells reveal different places. We can feel the cigarettes in corridors and smell of cocktails in bars, and even chestnuts in the streets and dust in crevices. Somehow, what we see is affected by what we hear,...

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Uploaded by:   sweetbebe

Date:   11/16/2003

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (445 words)

Views:   1625

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The senses of the Pier

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