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Monkey See Monkey Do

Uploaded by juggalo_g on Dec 12, 2003

“Monkey See Monkey Do”

Once upon a time, in a tropical forest far away, there lived a monkey and a zebra. The monkey was wild and wreck less , while the zebra was a busy bee perfectionist. Well, one day the monkey told a fib about how today was opposite day. The zebra thought, “well, if it is a tropical holiday, then shoot, I am going to have to act like him and he’s going to act like me.”

The monkey delighted with his plan told everyone else that the zebra would act like a party animal and he would have to act sane… Well half was true. The zebra acted crazy like a baboon- any baboons out there reading this I’m sorry.- The monkey started out the day sane , but we know what happened to the monkeys jumping on the bed.

The monkey told the zebra about this great game, called monkey see monkey do.

The zebra said, “okay, but he didn’t know how to play.”

The monkey taught the zebra and the zebra, being a perfectionist, caught on quick. They started playing the game, which wasn’t very fun, when the monkey stated that the zebra told him what to do and he would do it…

“That’s not how you play!” raged the giraffe furiously.

The monkey only mimicked. Aggravated, the zebra went home, but forgot that the monkey lived there too. The monkey came home after a day of making fun of his roommate, only to find the zebra gone, without a trace. He cried, “ Where have you went my friend? I am lonely, please come back.” The zebra wasn’t really gone he only went to the balcony, taping this whole ordeal.

The zebra played tricks on his fuzzy roommate; scratching at the window, making noises, talking to him. Then finally he planned the tricks of all tricks. Fake death and make him his slave. So the zebra painted his face white and went into the room moaning.

The monkey pleaded, “ please spare me.”

“You have made a holy terror to me my whole life, since we were babies, why should I.” The zebra questioned him.

“Because I am like that I’m a monkey and you are a zebra, that’s how we were made.”

The zebra spared him and the monkey kissed his hooves. But the zebra said, “ I am not Dead!!! The joke is on you.”

The zebra made him do...

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Uploaded by:   juggalo_g

Date:   12/12/2003

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (441 words)

Views:   1581

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