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21st Century Time Capsule

Uploaded by Jschick86 on Nov 27, 2002

Ring! Ring! Beep! Beep! Everywhere we go we can hear the sounds of machinery and different contraptions that have developed over thousands of years like the miniature phones – cell phones- that could transmit sound waves and also fast cars that have twin turbo and better engines which could travel at a very fast rate. Furthermore, through technology better medicines are produced each day that fight diseases and viruses thus prolonging the life of every individual. Advanced technology wasn’t only a great step towards better lifestyle and medical research but also gave way towards the broadening of knowledge and understanding of the history through better analysis of different data that are taken from fossils and relics of early civilizations. The development of technologies advances rapidly and maybe people could someday invent a time capsule that defies the time of the universe. Time capsules, in today’s 21st century, are defined to be just fictional yet, we can’t help but to imagine if ever such contraption will be invented. I, myself also pondered about this question but in addition I also ask myself what is the best way to represent the present day and also a way to represent America to the future generations a hundred years from now that can be placed in a time capsule and be carried to the future. Computers signify the ever growing and rapid development of technology. The different books published by various intelligent and bright authors reflect the different accomplishments of the present society. A map provides a visual idea of the topography and geography of the present day America. Pictures show important and memorable events in the history. The national flag is very symbolic in regards to America. Computers, books, maps, historical pictures and the national flag are what I believe best symbolizes the life of the people in this present day in connection to what America is today. These are the things I would be placing in a time capsule that will travel a hundred years from now.

Almost every household of the 21st century possesses a computer. This century, which is known as the digital age, have accumulated an advance way of communication through the development of computers and the Internet. A computer is contraptions made of various kinds of microchips connected by different wires and is powered by the electricity. It is composed of four major parts namely: the monitor, the...

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Uploaded by:   Jschick86

Date:   11/27/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   5 pages (1,083 words)

Views:   2488

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21st Century Time Capsule

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