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The Last Day

Uploaded by gpavlushkin on Dec 22, 2003

The Last Day

I will never forget the night my grandfather was rushed to the hospital as he was gasping for breath. I could not comprehend the moment as being reality, while we followed the ambulance to the emergency room. The lights flashing by and creepy moonlight shinning in the night while being interrupted by the red and blue lights of the truck all seemed very confusing. I sat there and thought about of what was happening thirty minutes ago, as I was sitting down on my wide couch and watching “FRIENDS” just as Joey broke up with his girlfriend. Thirty minutes later, here I was following the ambulance, rushing my grandfather to the hospital. As we were approaching the hospital, the night seemed to get darker and darker. Watching the faces of my parents lose expression, I began getting more concerned as I anxiously waited to get there and have the doctors tell us that everything was all right.
As the ambulance approached the emergency doors, the doctors immediately admitted my grandfather into the hospital and we were told to remain in the waiting room. I hated hospitals before that night, but afterwards I despised them: the smell, the white unpromising walls and the doctors. We waited for about eight hours, which seemed to last forever. In those eight hours, I tried to occupy myself, but nothing could get my mind off of what was actually happening, so I just sat there and stared at the blank white walls and drank my creamy dark coffee which at that point was the only thing that kept me awake. I could hear my mother crying as my father tried to comfort her and tell her everything was going to be fine. I could not say anything; it was as if I was numb and unconscious, and everything around me seemed surreal. The night seemed to drag on forever and I began to feel restless because I had no sleep, which made the whole situation seem even worse.
Noticing that it was getting light outside and the sun rays hitting my eyes, I began to worry. My mother’s tears ceased, and all that was left was the hope for my grandfather’s life. We waited in anticipation for the doctor to come out. I watched the doors almost as if I was hypnotized as people rushed in and out of them. Finally, we saw a...

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Uploaded by:   gpavlushkin

Date:   12/22/2003

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (497 words)

Views:   1640

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The Last Day

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