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My Room

My room is my favorite place. The floor of my room is a golden brown carpet. A beige rug covers a small portion of the floor next ...

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SEABREEZY Published on 10/24/2002 1472 Reads Creative Writing


I was seventeen, and I was visiting my mother in New Jersey. I was looking forward to going being when I last visited I made some ...

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SEABREEZY Published on 10/24/2002 1560 Reads Creative Writing

Fighting this force

FOR a force so great, for a force so strong, for when you are in love nothing seems wrong, Very few people can give you this fee...

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joas91684 Published on 10/24/2002 1474 Reads Poems


As I look into his eyes I know he’ll be mine forever. His eyes look into mine from across the table I love this restaurant I come ...

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quebec15 Published on 10/22/2002 1293 Reads Creative Writing

Car Crash

You made me glow inside, tingling and warm You left me empty and bare, shivering and cold You changed the perspective on each ...

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beeki Published on 10/21/2002 1523 Reads Poems

Life Itself

If I haven't died, I thank God for that, because He thinks I'm worth to live this life. I see so many things happening at once, an...

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chamo14 Published on 10/17/2002 1389 Reads Poems

The Taste of Pain

The taste of pain is sour. The taste of happiness is very sweet, the wounds only time can heal them, and the great memories live w...

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chamo14 Published on 10/17/2002 1664 Reads Poems

Healthy Weathy and Unhappy

“You have just won a million Rand!” exclaimed Jeremy Maggs from the popular TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The forty-five ...

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Henry Tucker Published on 10/13/2002 1384 Reads Creative Writing

Aardvark Pie

Ok ok so this isn't really about aardvarks, I just wanted to be top of the list :) No, this is a story about this August, when ...

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beeki Published on 10/10/2002 1774 Reads Creative Writing

24 Hours

24 hrs. in one single day. 24 hrs. your name be in my head. 24 hrs. is what determines what we do, and 24 hrs. I wish I can spend ...

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chamo14 Published on 10/08/2002 1548 Reads Poems

Don't Wait Untill There Gone.

I was in my first years of High school when i met a dear friend of mine...James. At first I thought he was a little on the hyper ...

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BarrettBlondie04 Published on 09/26/2002 1315 Reads Creative Writing

Scorching Winter

freezing cold burns my skin bit by bit i lose my grip december winds snow-covered fields made me find warmth in your scor...

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champi_08 Published on 09/19/2002 1617 Reads Poems

My Girl Friend

Have you ever had someone in your life who helped you figure out who you were? Someone who showed you the right path? Someone who ...

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bigdaddyseun Published on 09/16/2002 1300 Reads Creative Writing


The world rushes about me. Yes, I say again, about me. For am I not the center of it all? Is this world not a dream? Flutterin...

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JAZZ Published on 09/14/2002 1703 Reads Poems


I stand. All is silent. Nothing moving. Quietness. But Wait…… A silent sound. There, yet with no proof. A deaf man’s voice....

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JAZZ Published on 09/14/2002 1620 Reads Poems


I found my light In the dead of the night When hope was out of sight, You showed the way and held me tight. I ran mindlessly...

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champi_08 Published on 09/07/2002 1332 Reads Poems

What I feel deep inside

I just want to know why i'm feeling this way i dream about you everynight and think of you everyday. i don't know if i can s...

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AnGel EyEz Published on 09/05/2002 1201 Reads Poems

Death Inhabits Palestine

Did you see a corpse with no head ? I have seen a head with no corpse It is not a nighmarish image Not even a work of imaginati...

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Rym FERIANI Published on 09/04/2002 1444 Reads Poems

The Death Of Life!

As my wrists bstart to bleed, I drop the knife, Begin to weep. My knees buckle, I drop to the ground, I've finally done this,...

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jussie Published on 08/31/2002 1492 Reads Poems

My Ideas on Learning English

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished judges and my dear friends! My name is Jin Zhao, a sophomore from College of ...

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realturtle Published on 08/28/2002 1531 Reads Creative Writing

Unsaid Words

When I think of you I don't know what to do When will i see you again? You are all that i want All that i need Can't you see ...

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AnGel EyEz Published on 08/23/2002 1650 Reads Poems

Getting Over you!

I sit and stare at you Wondering what to do I see, you with another girl God, how i wish you knew. My heart says to forget y...

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AnGel EyEz Published on 08/23/2002 1409 Reads Poems

The Day I Dreaded!

I gazed at the alarm clock that sat beside my bed; its loud beeping had woke me suddenly. Grabbing it, I pushed the bright red but...

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Terri McAvoy Published on 08/23/2002 1415 Reads Creative Writing

My Heart

I say I no longer love you, But I know to myself, I'm lying. I try to forget you, But I know I have to keep trying. My frien...

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AnGel EyEz Published on 08/16/2002 1225 Reads Poems


- Wake up, Angel. Hurry, you have to go.. - What's up Mum, are we going for a travel? - Yes -she lied- you have to go with Mr. G...

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afaus Published on 08/14/2002 1391 Reads Creative Writing


So those places which have different latitudes receive unequal heading by the sun, and that is the fundamental reason of producing...

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meipeng_cn Published on 08/06/2002 1379 Reads Creative Writing


When everything is wrong, how do I still go on? When nothing makes sense, how do I still go on? When I want to die, I live. When I...

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honeybaby_05 Published on 08/06/2002 1583 Reads Poems


S ometimes the pressure eats at you T urning pressure into expertise U nderstanding your expertise and becoming a part of so...

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KiwiGrippa Published on 08/03/2002 1515 Reads Poems

Perpetual Insignificance

“A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” -Shakespeare Light pierced the hazing heat, Illuminati...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 1660 Reads Poems

Teachers who are School Smart, but not Life Smart

“Give me your High School Diplomas, your Master Degrees, and your Bachelor Degrees! Give them to me and I shall throw them into th...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 1653 Reads Creative Writing