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Uploaded by quebec15 on Oct 22, 2002

As I look into his eyes I know he’ll be mine forever. His eyes look into mine from across the table I love this restaurant I come here every week its perfect it’s where matt and I met where we had out first date where I had my 21st and no where we are immaculate I cherish this place.

Matt looks deep in my eyes as he talks t don’t listen I just look at him I just look at him in all his wonder “ are you even listening to me Sarah Sarah! I come back off cloud nine “ of corse I am dear that’s great” I say “ good he says I knew we would see eye to eye breaking up is the thing to do.” My head screams I try to stammer some words out but nothing retreats from my open lips. How can this be happening to me we were perfect I love him this cant be happening it must be a dream. I hear Sarah Sarah look I have to go I will talk to you later.” I sit there in bewilderment as my love my all Escapes out the door this can not be happening he loves me I love him this would never happen to two such perfect creatures I blackout.

I wake to unknown surroundings what is this how did I get here where is matt ahh yes matt my love my all I must go and find him it is our six month anniversary. I adore this restaurant but I must go. As I walk out the door the pavement seems to slide through my feet I think about how me and matt met and how intertwined our lives have become we are going to marry and be together he is so wonderful. I arrive at the all to familiar door ahh his stoop this astounding stoop where we shared our first kiss if many I remember so well it makes me love matt so much more.

I knock on the door and matt appears in all his awe he has no shirt on so I can see his all to perfect body ohhh Sarah he says as I stare at his lips in veneration. “ What are you doing here” just coming to see the one I love I reply as I ease the door open. I freeze the sight meets...

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Uploaded by:   quebec15

Date:   10/22/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (543 words)

Views:   1411

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