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Original Writing: Injury

Uploaded by dandeman2k on Oct 27, 2002

A five bedroom Edwardian house, some stairs and a Boxing Day to remember. I will never forget the day when I broke my arm. I was four when it happened, and it had been the best Christmas ever. Excitedly grabbing on to my brand spanking new ‘Thunderbirds: the board game’, we left to go to my aunt’s house.

It was a long drive, but I always enjoyed visiting Auntie Michelle. My aunt lived in a lavishly decorated five bedroom Edwardian house, though at the humble age of four it seemed like a mansion. My aunt welcomed us in and I immediately disappeared with my cousin to play with my prized possession. Jason was tall, reaching the staggering height of a whole four-foot. He had chestnut brown hair with matching eyes. I was winning my fourth game in succession when lunch was served.

It was the traditional Christmas Dinner. Steaming roast turkey with golden brown roast potatoes, served with stuffing and ruined by sprouts. The conversation revolved around my recent transfer to ‘big school’. You know the sort; asking me “Aren’t you a big boy to be going to big school now?” while simultaneously trying to pull off my right cheek. If that didn’t work they’d move on to my left cheek telling me to “Make sure that all your sentences begin with capital letters.”

As you can imagine, the lunch was an enjoyable affair. Half gagging on my sprouts while contemplating the extreme pain I had in both cheeks I realised that I needed the toilet. Wondering how to attract the adult’s attention to the problem of my bursting bladder I got up from my chair (or should that be got down?).

Tugging on my mothers skirt in that pathetic way which only children know how and looking up to her with puppy dog eyes, I asked, “Where is the toilet? I need to go mummy!” My mother gave me directions to go up the stairs and take the first door on right. You would have thought that a house that size would have had a toilet downstairs. Yet when you have to go you really do have to go so I started the long journey towards the stairs on a quest for the fabled bathroom.

The first obstacle was Rex, the dog. Lying flat out in the corridor, the same size as me but with gigantic claws, this dog posed quite a threat to...

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Uploaded by:   dandeman2k

Date:   10/27/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   5 pages (1,168 words)

Views:   1547

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Original Writing: Injury

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