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Uploaded by SEABREEZY on Oct 24, 2002

I was seventeen, and I was visiting my mother in New Jersey. I was looking forward to going being when I last visited I made some friends there and this I would be there longer so hopefully I could make some more. Unfortunately this visit initially was going to be so friendly due to my mouth and the petty jealousy of another.

Over the summer I took some classes at my little brother's high school to meet girls and to not waste time while visiting. In one of my classes was this beautiful girl named Mary she was about 5'6 she had long brown hair with high lights, sparkling brown eyes, a body like a Laker girl, and a smile that made my heart race. Over time we started to get to know each other really well and we decided that we should start to spend more time together other than just talking on the phone.

Over time I made some enemies unknowingly because a lot of the girls in New Jersey were intrigued by the new guy from California. One of the enemies made was Mary's ex-boyfriend Paul. Paul and I went to the same gym. For a while I had no idea this guy didn't nor did I know who he was. I just thought he was some guy with a staring problem so I payed really no attention to him. Little did I know he had a dislike toward me and eventually we would have an extremely physical altercation.

About three weeks after my arrival three of my cousins, my brother, and I were out side on my mother's front porch just sitting around talking and laughing then one my cousin's notices a big group of people walking toward my mother's house I didn't think anything of it just some kids going to a party or something, but it was and angry 6'2 240 pound kid named Paul who wanted to fight me. I wasn't scared just a little confused. I thought to myself, "Why would someone come to my house to make a fool of them self trying to fight me over a girl?". He yelled for me to come out into my grass so he could talk to me, not in the nicest of words. Calmly I went to talk to him. He said, "You need to stop talking to Mary."."Why?", I then asked. He said, "Because that's...

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Uploaded by:   SEABREEZY

Date:   10/24/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (552 words)

Views:   1427

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