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Don't Wait Untill There Gone.

Uploaded by BarrettBlondie04 on Sep 26, 2002

I was in my first years of High school when i met a dear friend of mine...James. At first I thought he was a little on the hyper side, but once I got to know him I saw that he was like everyone else, he was actually alot like me! James and I got along very well and had three classes together. It was alot of fun when he was around because we'd always do something fun, we used to have rubber band fights, but that was then. We got in touble alot, but never did we get in trouble with out each other. James and myself were unseprable, we were two peas in a pod. I just wish I would hvae said something more quickly.

James had a twin brother...Matt. They were very similar, we all thought they were identical, but they weren't. I have to admit, all that time I hung out with James I never once said hi, or even tried to talk to his brother, but he never even noticed me so it all worked out well. James and Matt seemed to get along, James never said anything mean about Matt, I figured they were really close, but I never really knew by proof.

After James and I had become good friend I started to get a little more attached. I started to like him more htan just a friend. I tried to stop myself, but who am I kiding you can't fool the heart, after all it knows what it wants. I got more in to him that way everytime I tlked to him. When ever he walked down the halls I'd start blushing, all my friends notice how much I liked him; I never told them either. James never liked me in that way, I just knew he didn't. After all we were good friends, he never would think of me as his girlfriend.Everyone of my friends thought differntly...they all thought he was in love with me, but as much as I wanted it to be true, I knew better than they did.I guess we'll never know now.

My best friend wanted me to tell him about how much I liked/loved him, but I refused... told her that if she said anything I wouldn't hate her but that I would be very disapointed, and I would never trust her agian. Tiffany never said anything. I did...

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Uploaded by:   BarrettBlondie04

Date:   09/26/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   6 pages (1,368 words)

Views:   1090

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Don't Wait Untill There Gone.

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