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Life without Slim Shady / Eminem / Marshal Mathers

Uploaded by supishg on Nov 03, 2002

I would hate to even suggest that we might soon exist in a world without Eminem.

His songs inspire us, as well as being very morally sound, Marshal Mather’s creative and innovative fashions and tunes gives us the much-needed variety that keeps us interested about the next self titled CD he will put out. Eminem is a great role models for every teen, he gives teenaged children something to aspire to. Eminem is a positive contributor to our society.

Slim Shady has written some very memorable songs in the past, including ‘Drug Ballad’, Bitch Please’ and who could forget ‘Just don’t give a fuck’. These songs are filled with inspiring lyrics such as, “So when you see me on your block with 2 glocks Screaming’ “Fuck the World” like Tupac, I just don’t give a fuck!” and “But you’re young, you’ve got a lot of drugs to do and girls to screw.” These lyrics teach the 8 year old fans just what life is really about, it teaches them to preach love and respect; at the same time they teaching them some interesting vocabulary that they can use in everyday life. I like the consistency of the song titles, because consistency is very important. A large portion of his titles includes the word ‘Bitch’, or ‘Drugs’ even the occasional ‘Fuck’; this definitely showcases his creativity. Slim Shady’s songs are a positive influence on today’s youth.

It’s a definite relief to know that Marshal Mathers was acquitted of that assault with a deadly weapon charge, and that his mother can’t sue him. I am glad to know that his latest CD has gone multi-platinum and he has made lots of money, because his happiness is very important to me. One can never get tired of his adorable puppy-dog face and his cute and lovable plays on words. Eminem’s intelligence, ingenuity, integrity and creativity has led me to believe that he is a very positive role models for his fans, every teenaged boy should strive to find the slim shady inside them.

The things I like most about Slim Shady is the fact that he went from having no talent and no money to having no talent and lots of money. It’s good that media publishers have thrown away their usual skits and made an entire movie all about him. I also enjoy reading the countless articles and interviews about Eminem’s latest...

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Uploaded by:   supishg

Date:   11/03/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (519 words)

Views:   2023

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