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The Day I Dreaded!

Uploaded by Terri McAvoy on Aug 23, 2002

I gazed at the alarm clock that sat beside my bed; its loud beeping had woke me suddenly. Grabbing it, I pushed the bright red button, which turned it off, though my hand nearly reached the snooze button, as it was so tempting. I slowly got out of bed and, threw the covers back over the bed. I turned the shower on the low setting as the heating had been on for an hour. I jumped and to my surprise the water was cold, I turned the shower to medium as fast as James Bond about to cut the wire of a bomb that only had one second left till it was to explode.

After the experience with the shower, the rain when I got out of the car felt warm as I walked to the entrance of school. Walking threw the gates I remembered I had ‘the class’ today. Every teacher knew what class you were talking about when you said, ‘the class’, 10.4, the whole class never wanted to learn anything and always loved to cause trouble. Just the other day one of the boys from 10.4 came into the computer room dancing and jumping around like a fairy, but that wasn’t the bad bit, he had an open bottle of orange juice in his hand that caused the problem, the orange juice went everywhere, the school had to close the computer room for the rest of the day and call an electrician as some the keyboards had started sparking.

The autumn leaves fell to the ground which was already covered, the trees looked so lifeless in comparison to spring. There was a soft wind which made the remaining leaves flutter, even though I had 10.4 today for a double Computer class, I though today was going to be good, but the events that followed where the complete the opposite.

After lunch it happened, the alarm bell rang and I shouted to the children to get under the table. It was a year 8 class. It was the thing every teacher dreaded in America, an earthquake. I had only been teaching for two years, so I had never experienced how children react to the situation. It was only a small tremor, but the children were feeling tense. The headmaster came into the room to see if all was well, he told me to return to normal, as there was no...

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Uploaded by:   Terri McAvoy

Date:   08/23/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   4 pages (843 words)

Views:   1205

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The Day I Dreaded!

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