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Reaching For A Star

Uploaded by HappyGoLucky on Nov 07, 2002

I had known Derrick for about as long as I could remember. We had been best friends since we were what, two. Derrick and I were popular I guess. He was really handsome, and I wasn't too bad looking myself. A lot of people hung around us...people we didn't even know. We had other friends of cores, but it was mainly "Derrick and Nicole." We always went to the movies, and stayed at each other's house. It was always better going to his house because it smelt so good. His house was big too, he was rich. his father Mark Demetrie; was a gold digger. He had his smaller version of the white house, and I had my little country house. Don't get me wrong, my house was great, it was beautiful...but I didn't appreciate it because my dad built it. People usually say "Oh, you must be honored to know your father built your own house with his bare hands" but it's the exact opposite. My father left me when I was was better that way. When he left, my body had stopped turning as red as a cheery from those swats with his belt. Anyways, Derrick and I were limb to limb.

Every one of my friends cornered me one day and asked if I liked him more than a best friend. I was able to say no, I mean it's not like I really liked him more than a friend...or at least that’s what I thought that day.

That week Derrick invited me to go to the Ice rink with him and then spend the night. I was really excited about going, it had been a long time since I had been ice-skating and plus I loved staying the night there...his parents were absolute dolls!

When we got to the rink nobody was there yet,

"Ah, I guess today nobody wanted to skate." He said, His cheeks turned red as a cheery and began to escort me to the rink. I watched my step as we got over the plastic doors and then I began to skate. I fell at first and laughed hysterically, Derrick didn’t laugh he just franticly asked if I was okay. Derrick seemed nervous about something, like something was wrong. I asked him a few times if there was anything bothering him, but he only replied with a good shake of...

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Uploaded by:   HappyGoLucky

Date:   11/07/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   7 pages (1,634 words)

Views:   1621

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Reaching For A Star

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