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Science And Technology

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Term Papers 91 - 120

Welcome To the World of Ports

Welcome To the World of Ports In the modern technological world today, society has expanded and increased our knowle...

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gpavlushkin Published on 12/12/2003 2454 Reads Technology

Freud's Psychoanalytical Theory

Bandura helped reshape the theoretical landscape of behaviorism and personality by creating his own theory, the social lea...

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gpavlushkin Published on 12/12/2003 2872 Reads Psychology

A Critical Assessment of Hypnosis

In the journal article entitled, “The Use of Hypnosis to Help an Anxious Student with a Social Communication Disorder to Atten...

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snowflake_77 Published on 11/30/2003 2474 Reads Psychology

sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Sleep is essential to life; it is one of several components, including food and water, which keep the living alive. ...

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dbane Published on 11/21/2003 1918 Reads Science And Technology

Maternal de-adaption and Alexithymia

According to Jan Abrams (1996), "In the successful version of the mother-child relationship, 'the mother begins to emerge from her...

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Ganymede Published on 12/07/2002 1974 Reads Science And Technology

Newton vs. Leibniz

After the introduction of algebra in the sixteenth century, mathematical discoveries flooded Europe. One of the most important bei...

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Tiffany C Published on 12/05/2002 2275 Reads Science And Technology

The Masculine Gender Role

Masculinity is a topic that has been debated in our society often, through research as well as in our daily lives. Many wonder wha...

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Rikordway Published on 12/03/2002 2613 Reads Science And Technology

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston. His father, Josiah Franklin, a tallow chandler by trade (someone who trades the ...

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ashchap Published on 11/24/2002 2374 Reads Physics

Questions: Reactivity Series

2.The ancient Egyptians put gold and silver objects into tombs. a) Explain why people opening the tombs thousands of years lat...

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ashchap Published on 11/24/2002 2793 Reads Physics

Eating Disorders

Bulimia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa is a serious eating disorder in which the sufferer binges and then vomits, often repeatedly, in o...

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ashchap Published on 11/24/2002 1998 Reads Science And Technology

Adolescence: Whose Hell is It?

Throughout the article, “Adolescence: Whose Hell is It?” by Virginia Rutter, there is an astonishing analysis on the way teens beh...

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uhcroll Published on 11/16/2002 2381 Reads Psychology

Speech Input and Output for Commercial Information Systems

Abstract Conventional user input devices such as keyboards and mice are not natural or necessarily intuitive and are often detrim...

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Ethan Published on 11/09/2002 2434 Reads Technology

Sarin Gas and other Nerve Agents

The arms race has always been occurring, as people endlessly compete to have more power and better weapons. This century great lea...

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rmulder Published on 11/09/2002 3087 Reads Chemistry

Germ Warfare

Biological or germ weapons are living organisms used for the military and intended to cause diseases or death in human, animal, or...

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lemonh7863 Published on 11/08/2002 2999 Reads Biology

Common Cold

The common cold has been around since the Greeks where physician Hipprocrates suggested that the stuffed up feeling was the result...

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mr krabs Published on 10/05/2002 2816 Reads Science And Technology

Chromium - research

Chromium was discovered by Louis – Nicholas Vauquelin in France, 1797 and prepared the metal itself the following year. The name C...

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mr krabs Published on 10/05/2002 2907 Reads Chemistry

MP3 Player - Narrative paper

In April of 1999, the term “MP3” surpassed “Sex” as the most searched on term at some of the internet’s top search engines (Hacker...

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manojnikku Published on 10/04/2002 1683 Reads Science And Technology

Video Games

In 1949, a young engineer named Ralph Baer was given an assignment to build a television set. He wasn't supposed to build just any...

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chyke...tx Published on 10/03/2002 1735 Reads Science And Technology

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, and is also know n as Ascorbic Acid. It was first isolated in 1928 by the Hungarian biochemi...

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adaTude Published on 10/01/2002 2735 Reads Biology


Anxiety disorders are the most common of all the mental disorders. They affect an estimated 8 to 10 of every 100 children and adol...

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adaTude Published on 09/25/2002 3440 Reads Psychology

Are Backpacks a Health Risk?

Although many students have considered -- but for now rejected -- seeking medical attention, many other young people and their wor...

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MABLAM1 Published on 09/19/2002 1759 Reads Science And Technology

Presymptomatic Testing For Huntington Disease

Huntington Disease, (HD), is a hereditary degenarative brain disease. Usually begining in mid-life, cells in the caudate nucleus o...

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LoUiE Published on 08/28/2002 2414 Reads Biology


The Senses Act as A Data Reduction System Sensation is the stimulation of the sense organs by the external and internal environ...

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silversista Published on 08/23/2002 2901 Reads Psychology

How forgetting occurs

Without memory (An active information processing system, that receiveds, organises, stores and retrives information) every moment ...

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silversista Published on 08/23/2002 3848 Reads Psychology


To skid means to slide or slip (without revolving) over a surface, because of loss of traction. Skidding caused over 24,000 acc...

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adaTude Published on 08/18/2002 1772 Reads Science And Technology

Critically evaluate the statement “The psychodynamic perspective offers a satisfactory explanation o

The psychodynamic perspective was the basis on which all psychological perspectives spawned from. However, the fact that other psy...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 4064 Reads Psychology

Downs Syndrome

Introduction In the United States about one in every 1000 live births is a child with Downs Syndrome. Downs Syndrome affects all ...

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asiajewel Published on 06/10/2002 2556 Reads Science And Technology


Detectives arrived on the scene after complaints of screaming heard by a neighbor down the street. Besides the blood painted walls...

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GymnastJ21 Published on 06/03/2002 2311 Reads Science And Technology

Current Copyright and Patent laws: Weak and Ineffective

The world of today is drastically different from that of twenty years ago. Ideas, life, and technology have changed in many ways. ...

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ghostintheshell Published on 05/11/2002 2747 Reads Technology

The northern lights: aurora borealis

You are outside on a clear summer’s night, when all of a sudden a flash catches your eye. You whirl around in bewilderment as the ...

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btown Published on 05/07/2002 4857 Reads Science And Technology