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Questions: Reactivity Series

Uploaded by ashchap on Nov 24, 2002

2.The ancient Egyptians put gold and silver objects into tombs.

a) Explain why people opening the tombs thousands of years later find the objects still in good condition.

Because gold and silver are nearly at the bottom of the reactivity series meaning they do not react with air. If they had been higher and had reacted with air they would have decomposed over the years.

b) Explain why no iron objects are found in the tombs.

Because iron is higher up than gold or silver on the reactivity series and does react with air

3.a) Which are attacked by acid rain more readily:

(i) Lead gutters or (ii) Iron drain pipes? Explain your answer fully.

Iron drainpipes because iron forms an oxide (rusts) with water and because it is higher up on the reactivity series than lead

b) Food cans are made of iron coated with tin. How does this help them to resist attack by the acids in food?

Tin isn’t very reactive, so it protects the iron behind it

5.The following metals are listed in order of decreasing reactivity. X and Y are two unknown metals.

K X Ca Mg Al Zn Y Fe Cu

a) Will X react with cold water?

Yes because it is higher than calcium which reacts with water

b) Will Y react with cold water?

No because it is below aluminium which doesn't react with water

c) Will Y react with dilute hydrochloric acid? Explain how you arrive at your answers.

Yes because it is above iron which reacts with dilute acid

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Uploaded by:   ashchap

Date:   11/24/2002

Category:   Physics

Length:   1 pages (246 words)

Views:   2825

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Questions: Reactivity Series

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