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Germ Warfare

Uploaded by lemonh7863 on Nov 08, 2002

Biological or germ weapons are living organisms used for the military and intended to cause diseases or death in human, animal, or plant life. They are made up of organisms that are highly contagious and reproduce very quickly. The groups using germs as their weapons depend on their fast reproduction.

There are a wide range of techniques and agents that can be used in germ warfare. The most common way to deliver biological weapons is by air, using some form of missile, aircraft, or shell. It is more possible that terrorist groups might resort to weapons like this for themselves, and could use them to contaminate food and water supplies. Anthrax was used in a small amount for the 9-11 event. Attempts have been made to spread disease among the soldiers or population of an enemy to totally wipe out their opposition.

Diseases that could be used against the enemy include anthrax, forms of plague, smallpox, yellow fever, forms of Ebola and botulism. A biological agent can come in several forms, including a bacteria, fungus, virus or toxin. Even very small amounts of an agent can cause very painful death. It has been estimated that a few grams of some viruses if distributed effectively could kill millions of people. Technology with the germ warfare is constantly improving.

During the 14th Century, armies invading threw cut up pieces of plague-infected bodies over the city walls. There are accounts of Europeans knowingly spreading smallpox or measles when trading with Native Americans during the 17th and 18th Centuries. German forces are believed to have used them in World War I. During World War II, Japan used biological weapons against China and experimented on prisoners or war with germ agents. Many countries concerned with war have at least done experiments with biological or germ weapons.

About a dozen countries are thought to have biological weapons such as China, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Russia. There are suspicions about North Korea, Egypt, Syria, Israel, and Taiwan.



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Uploaded by:   lemonh7863

Date:   11/08/2002

Category:   Biology

Length:   1 pages (332 words)

Views:   3036

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