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Welcome To the World of Ports

Uploaded by gpavlushkin on Dec 12, 2003

Welcome To the World of Ports

In the modern technological world today, society has expanded and increased our knowledge about computers and the way they function. A computer is much more complex than just chips and gadgets. A computer is made up of several mechanics and ports that connect a specific device to the computer.

These ports strike as a path for information to travel into and out of the computer and sending different messages and codes. On a computer, you will find several various and different ports which are split up for variable use. These ports include a serial port, parallel ports, PS/2 and USB ports, audio and visual ports, and also the drive ports (ATA, IDE, and SCSI). The legacy ports which include serial and parallel ports are mainly used directly with the modem for serial and the printer for parallel ports. The keyboards and mouse use either a PS/2 port which has a round pin type connection or USB ports which have a little rectangle and are very quick connections if using a USB 2.0 connection.

We have the audio ports which are used to hook up your speakers so you have sound and the visual ports to hook up your monitor. You also have a port for the power supply to the computer which is usually located at the top and has a three - hole cord. You have the external ports like the PCI cards which use motherboard slots that provide high performance and plug - and - play capabilities. You also have the ISA cards which re beginning to fade away and finally you have the AGP graphics card which improve graphics performance by communicating directly with the computer’s main memory. We have such ports as ATA (advanced technology attachment), the IDE (integrated drive electronics) and the SCSI (small computer system interface), these ports are ports commonly used to hook up to internal drives such as CD-RW, hard drives, and DVD – ROM. These ports are the main composition and infrastructure to a computer. These ports help connect machines to a computer to send and receive information.

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Uploaded by:   gpavlushkin

Date:   12/12/2003

Category:   Technology

Length:   2 pages (352 words)

Views:   2452

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Welcome To the World of Ports

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