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A Critical Assessment of Hypnosis

Uploaded by snowflake_77 on Nov 30, 2003

In the journal article entitled, “The Use of Hypnosis to Help an Anxious Student with a Social Communication Disorder to Attend School” I will elucidate how a student with a social communication disorder was treated by use of hypnosis.
I will first explain what hypnosis is and two common types of hypnosis. “Hypnosis is a procedure done by the therapist that suggests to the subject that he or she experiences changes in perception, thoughts, behaviors and feelings” (Bryon 126). Hypnosis is not a new topic to the general population, but is well acknowledged. Hypnosis is not for everyone, because some people can overcome their problems and do not need to use hypnosis. One way someone can identify their problem is to monitor their physical symptoms, like increasing blood pressure, sweating, unable to stand up or speak, and unable to remain attentive. Stress and phobias also contribute to having disorders (Byron 125). Many researchers have come to the conclusion that they can use hypnosis as an apparatus for a wide list of problems. One way is suggesting how the subject should behave or react.
There are two ways hypnosis can be induced. In one way hypnosis is induced by oneself, and the other is done by someone else, usually a professional therapist. In order for hypnosis to work one must be in a relaxed state, and must desire to be hypnotized.
The client, named J, is a student whose age is 15 (Byron 126) J is able to think academically, but unable to deal with social communication, either in entering a classroom or participating in the classroom discussions. J has had a history of anxiety problems from little on. From age 7 up to 12 J’s focus was not strong, and his rude behavior was apparent in his classes. As the years proceed on, situation only becomes worse because stress and tension are higher. This can create serious barriers that some people can not handle, because of all the challenging activities that need to be done. This is apparent in J since he will not attend classes anymore, because he is too frightened of what people might think of him though his actions. When J reached the stage of being so afraid of even being out in the community, his counselor at his school helped him get in to...

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Uploaded by:   snowflake_77

Date:   11/30/2003

Category:   Psychology

Length:   6 pages (1,352 words)

Views:   2477

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