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Science And Technology

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Term Papers 61 - 90

An Infinite Universe

Now I am not a physics major nor do I claim to be extremely knowledgeable in physics. In fact, this essay (more of an extension to...

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paintbreak2000 Published on 04/18/2005 2631 Reads Physics


Atomic Number: 8 Atomic Radius: 66 pm Atomic Symbol: O Melting Point: -218.79 ºC Atomic Weight: 15.9994 Boiling ...

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xxbritishgalxx Published on 03/01/2005 2909 Reads Chemistry

Stem Cells: Could this be the technology to cure cancer?

Stem cells could be the greatest medical advance in history in the sense that most of our serious diseases can be cured. Stem cell...

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Sridar Published on 02/28/2005 1525 Reads Science And Technology


So many people live in this world. And every person admires for something in his life, but what you think that s/he get everything...

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kumarmall Published on 02/28/2005 2802 Reads Psychology

Crushed Ice lab


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galileo Published on 02/26/2005 1751 Reads Science And Technology

Downs Syndrome

Downs Syndrome- A Chromosome Abnormality Aimee-Kate 3-2 In humans the Chromosome compliment is 46, however in a person with th...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 01/31/2005 2750 Reads Biology


Dated: 14th January 2005:Time: 3:14 P.M. I have investigated numerous methods of study of biochemical techniques ...

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thaejas Published on 01/14/2005 2274 Reads Biology

Nursing: Critical thinking ANA vs UOP

Critical Thinking in Nursing Scott R. Heilmann Teaching and research are the foundation of universities, and nurs...

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sheilm Published on 12/13/2004 2395 Reads Science And Technology

Avogadros Number

Avogadros number is the number 6.0221367 x 10^23, commonly rounded to just three significant digits: 6.02 x 10^23, and is ...

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masone4718 Published on 11/28/2004 3556 Reads Chemistry

Establishing the role of sodium chloride in amylase

/export/store/ the role of sodium chloride in amylase.doc...

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llior10 Published on 11/20/2004 2532 Reads Biology

Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines

Hard to believe that the simplest atom in the universe is used in the making of the most destructive weapon known to man i...

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paintbreak2000 Published on 11/16/2004 3035 Reads Technology


/export/store/ IN THE WEB.doc...

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Ellagrama Published on 11/12/2004 2336 Reads Technology

Two Main Radioisotopes in Medicine

/export/store/ Essay.doc...

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cooolway Published on 11/10/2004 2841 Reads Chemistry

Cataract Essay

/export/store/ eassay.doc...

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Sxyclr Published on 11/09/2004 2730 Reads Science And Technology

History of the atomic bomb

John Whitaker Prof. Angela Burton September 25, 2004 Research Paper History of the Atom Bomb The atom bomb is one of history...

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jfwhit Published on 10/05/2004 1666 Reads Science And Technology

History of the atomic bomb

John Whitaker Prof. Angela Burton September 25, 2004 Research Paper History of the Atom Bomb The atom bomb is one of history...

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jfwhit Published on 10/05/2004 1727 Reads Science And Technology

The Branch Davidian Cult

The Branch Davidian Cult, which was until its demise headed by Warren Jeffs, had over 6000 members at its peak. These 6000 me...

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the_nashie Published on 08/17/2004 3131 Reads Psychology


People all over the world become closer than ever before. Goods and services that appear in a country will be immediately promoted...

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upanddown Published on 07/21/2004 2643 Reads Science And Technology


ALMONDS A seed of the fruit of the almond tree bearing fragrant pink and white flowers is what we know as Almo...

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jptauji Published on 07/08/2004 3971 Reads Science And Technology

When is government use of spyware justified and what are the social and ethical issues?

Presentation of the Issue Governments employ spyware to track potential criminals and suspected terrorists, specifically Osama ...

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grifd437 Published on 06/02/2004 2694 Reads Technology


A fight breaks out between two sixth grade boys during lunch. One of the boys pulls out a gun from his back pocket and starts to ...

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crystallove Published on 05/16/2004 2274 Reads Psychology

Genetic Disorder: Tay-Sachs Disease

My name is Put your name.. and I am a carrier of Tay-Sachs Disease; my partner is also a carrier of this disease and our child is ...

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Sherodel Published on 05/07/2004 2868 Reads Biology

Artificial Intelligence

2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term that in its broadest sense would indicate the ability of an artifact to perform the sam...

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joe20 Published on 04/23/2004 1804 Reads Science And Technology

Investigative Process

Mental Health: A Look Into Anxiety Disorders Anxiety and fear are often thought of as the same thing, but are actually somewh...

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Missy Published on 04/14/2004 2333 Reads Psychology

autism and the family

Home Therapy and Autism 2 One of the most common developmental disabilities affects two out of every ten thousand children and ...

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tennisace334 Published on 03/25/2004 1536 Reads Science And Technology

Determining pH of identical strong and weak solutions

Experiment: Determining pH of identical strong and weak solutions Date: 31/10/03 Aim: Plan and perform a first-hand investig...

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sukashini Published on 03/16/2004 3996 Reads Chemistry



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blondie17555 Published on 02/12/2004 1636 Reads Science And Technology

Rate of Reaction

Rate of Reaction December 17, 2003 Rate of Reaction-Report The purpos...

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kmurder Published on 01/12/2004 2999 Reads Chemistry

The Science of Interpreting a Ghost

Ghost is something that some believe and some won't. But still most of them get frighten to some extend, when they watch terrif...

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danu Published on 12/17/2003 2243 Reads Psychology

Issues in Personality Theory (an opinion essay)

Free will means that one has control of themselves and their own destiny; determinism would argue that everything that happen...

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GothicPhilos05 Published on 12/14/2003 3315 Reads Psychology