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An Infinite Universe

Uploaded by paintbreak2000 on Apr 18, 2005

Now I am not a physics major nor do I claim to be extremely knowledgeable in physics. In fact, this essay (more of an extension to a theory) is only in the Physics category because I did not see any other category it could fit in. So here it is.

I am assuming that Albert Einstein is a somewhat familiar name for you. You may even know of some or all of his theories. Such as those on relativity and the possibility that the universe is infinite. The latter is the theory I am extending. What I have come to realize is that, quite simply, IF the universe is infinite, then the possibilities are infinite. I am not speaking of how, if you apply yourself, anything is possible. I mean it in the literal fashion. ANYTHING is possible. Not only that, but if the universe truly is infinite, then EVERYTHING is not only possible but it is all happening. If you can imagine it, it is happening. All at the same time.

Another theory about the universe is that there are an infinite number of 'realities.' Where every choice or event, no matter how small, branches the realities like a fork in the road. I do not believe this. What I believe is actually happening is that there is only one reality, but that everything that happens or has ever happened is in this universe... somewhere, and that it is all happening constantly. I am not theorizing that we 'move' from one reality to another. I believe that each reality is a completely separate entity with separate lines of events. There is another planet out there exactly like Earth in every detail except that on the planet, instead of typing 'the' before planet, I typed 'a' instead. Now imagine an infinite number of different worlds like that. Whether they are only minute differences or large ones that defy the laws of physics such as planets that are perfectly square.

So even if it isn't possible, it IS happening on an infinite number of worlds. Imagine a planet with a purple atmosphere that is inhabited entirely by giant Bic ballpoint pens. Think it's insane? Sounds like it doesn't it? Think outside of what you have grown up learning and knowing was absolutely true. Now, think about all of the stars in the universe. You...

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Uploaded by:   paintbreak2000

Date:   04/18/2005

Category:   Physics

Length:   2 pages (491 words)

Views:   2695

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An Infinite Universe

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