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Uploaded by kumarmall on Feb 28, 2005

So many people live in this world. And every person admires for something in his life, but what you think that s/he get everything what s/he admires, what s/he wants. My essay is just about those people, who think, admires and want something from their life. But overall I am concentrating only on the life partner, a girl, a boy for which everyone in this world is eager.

Everyone wants a life partner a friend in his life. Starting from that day, when a boy/girl goes to school to the end of his/her life. Everything they want a life partner, a partner, and a friend who is of opposite sex. This eagerness is natural, an attraction towards opposite sex is such a phenomena under influence of which, this whole world is created and proceed further and further. No person can escape from this attraction. So, as I am living in India, and here one thing is very famous, that you can listen, “someone is made for you”. And you will also agree after sometime.

If a person doesn’t have a partner, he always feels lonely and a great part of his time is wasted in searching for a friend. But then also a question arises that, the partner you chosen and admiring to live with her/his, is the one whom you want and will remain same with you all your life. Then I will say, that you can’t judge till the time comes, as I have said earlier that someone is there for you, and only god knows, who is s/he. So it will be better, that the person stop thinking about the future and what will happen. Just think about the present. Because, the time when you will start thinking in such a manner, you will get to see that, you have start feeling great and comfortable.

This type of feeling is also going to change your life, as it is an optimistic thinking and as I have also said earlier, that you never knows that the person to whom you have maid your life partner is write or not. Then this type of thinking is going to change everything, as you will be satisfied and will start loving with opposite sex. So don’t worry and start admiring and loving your present, you don’t know, may be this one is that person who is made for you.

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Uploaded by:   kumarmall

Date:   02/28/2005

Category:   Psychology

Length:   2 pages (398 words)

Views:   2275

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