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Term Papers 31 - 60

Bye Bye BirdieA Holocaust of the Children

If the United States government implemented a law that told couples they could only have one child, how soon would a protest be in...

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Jenlee Published on 01/31/2006 1689 Reads Miscellaneous

Cause and Effect: Serious Studies on Laughter

Why did the frog cross the road? Because he was glued to the chicken! (Du Dun Chh). Even though this joke isn’t very funny you ...

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Jenlee Published on 01/31/2006 2171 Reads Miscellaneous

History of the Restaurant

The word “restaurant” according to the majority of contemporary dictionaries is defined as an eating-place, an establishment where...

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apollo_crash Published on 01/12/2006 2170 Reads Miscellaneous

American Blue Jean Baby

Pop Culture is expressed in the mass circulation of items from areas such as fashion, music, sports and film. After deliberating ...

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avalonmyst23 Published on 12/06/2005 1776 Reads Miscellaneous

Gay Priests struggle with Vatican’s Rules

I chose this article in the New York Times because it is a moral issue which is stirring up controversy in religion and media. In ...

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twolves815 Published on 11/28/2005 2074 Reads Miscellaneous


Respect It is something everyone wants, not many have, and few want to give. Most people would appreciate "just a little bit," ...

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cheater01 Published on 11/13/2005 1623 Reads Miscellaneous


Respect It is something everyone wants, not many have, and few want to give. Most people would appreciate "just a little bit," ...

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cheater01 Published on 11/13/2005 2168 Reads Miscellaneous

Bean Bags and the 1960s

The 1960s was the start of a new era in design, an exciting and changing cause of ideas and experimentation, with new looks, colou...

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Jay-V Published on 10/25/2005 2451 Reads Miscellaneous

mers ideas on whether to go on to sixth form: PLEASE TELL ME IF IT IS ANY GOOD

ESSAY ON THE CHOICES OF A STUDENT AFTER GCSE. Today many youngsters have little comprehension of their options when choosing wh...

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loub1990 Published on 09/19/2005 1820 Reads Miscellaneous

Judicial Merrit retention in the state of Florida

Merit Retention Merit Retention is a system of appointing State Supreme Court Justices that was established in Florida in the 1...

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Nategrey Published on 08/05/2005 2286 Reads Law

cricket-a game of passion


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ali-paksitan Published on 07/12/2005 2669 Reads Sports

Liberal Arts Education: Thinking—The Consequences

Liberal arts is a generalized term for a broad range of subjects including history, philosophy, and literature. These courses do n...

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deemitzy Published on 05/15/2005 2046 Reads Miscellaneous

the impact of European invasion upon the Aboriginals of the frontier

The European invasion of Australia in 1780 impacted upon the lives of all the Aboriginal people that lived in and around the invad...

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Rainmaker_2001 Published on 05/08/2005 2762 Reads Miscellaneous

Scotland - Pride or shame?

Gazing round the streets of Glasgow at around one in the morning, I fill with shame. Police sirens scream in exasperation and drun...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 04/22/2005 1744 Reads Miscellaneous


Fine white sand clung on to my damp feet as I ambled along the beach. It was a lovely afternoon and the sun was shining brightly a...

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nikita7 Published on 04/16/2005 1538 Reads Miscellaneous

comparative essay

A Comparative Essay After reading Americas Constitutional Soul, by Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr., and The True and Only Heav...

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thabiso4 Published on 04/05/2005 2522 Reads Law

Atticus and Boo Radley character analysis

To Kill a Mockingbird is definitely an excellent novel in that it portrays life and the role of racism in the 1930’s. A reade...

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lpjz Published on 03/22/2005 2290 Reads Miscellaneous

How have changes in our national identity been reflected in Australian drama?

The word identity has a significant meaning in the contemporary world. It means more than being an independent nation or a geograp...

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mshiraev Published on 03/07/2005 2323 Reads Miscellaneous

thinking about friendship

Some people think that they are good person and they can prove to be a good friend of any person. But in today’s context, it is so...

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kumarmall Published on 02/23/2005 1760 Reads Miscellaneous

How To: Make a Proper Pot of Coffee

How-To Let me just say that I am addicted to coffee. I’ve got to have my daily fix at least several times a day; when I wake up,...

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Nategrey Published on 01/26/2005 2802 Reads Miscellaneous

The Modern Pentathalon

The Modern Pentathlon The Pentathlon is a contest of 5 sports- jumping, running, wrestling, throwing the discus and hurling t...

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Sxyclr Published on 01/19/2005 2225 Reads Sports


/export/store/ A Land Far.doc...

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kissty Published on 11/20/2004 2081 Reads Miscellaneous

Nature vs. Nurture

/export/store/ Study - nature vs nurture.doc...

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kissty Published on 11/20/2004 2346 Reads Miscellaneous

Auto Biography (fictional) Friend or Foe

FRIEND OR FOE Back when Humphrey B. Bear and Lift Off supplied us with our knowledge and Captain Planet was every ...

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Dont Think Published on 11/17/2004 1712 Reads Miscellaneous


/export/store/ Continuing Revelation of the Keys of Knowledge.doc...

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saegrave Published on 11/15/2004 1474 Reads Miscellaneous

The Mesopotamia Essay-Why it was the greatest civilization?

Mesopotamian- The Great Civilization The “Land Between the Rivers” has been a foundation of both savage barbarism and a...

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cooolway Published on 11/10/2004 7517 Reads Miscellaneous

Triple Jump

To those unfamiliar with Triple Jump, the sport seems to be a very abnormal activity at a first glance. It seems to be very unnatu...

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superfizzy Published on 10/08/2004 2885 Reads Sports

Why Abortion Should Be Illegal

Why Abortion Should Be Illegal On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion. When it ruled that a...

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Hammersgirl03 Published on 08/29/2004 2951 Reads Miscellaneous

Bartleby, the Scrivener

Herman Melville’s “Bartleby, the Scrivener”: A Story of Wall Street Herman Melville presents this story through...

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felicia beth Published on 07/24/2004 2292 Reads Miscellaneous

Compare and contrast two main theories of ‘crime and deviance’.

‘‘a diabetic at work without a recent insulin injection approaching the lunch break may become tense, erratic, short tempered, but...

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jak832000 Published on 07/02/2004 9474 Reads Law