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The Modern Pentathalon

Uploaded by Sxyclr on Jan 19, 2005

The Modern Pentathlon

The Pentathlon is a contest of 5 sports- jumping, running, wrestling, throwing the discus and hurling the spear or javelin that occurred between the same contestants on the same day. The contestant who won three events was considered the victor; but that was in the Ancient Greek times, now the modern day Pentathlon is very different.
The sports
The sports that make up the modern Pentathlon became part of the Olympic Games in 1912 at Stockholm, Sweden. The modern contest includes pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, show jumping and cross-country running. Only the equestrian event (the show jumping) has changed significantly since the 1912 Olympic Games. It has changed from a 5000 metre cross-country course to a 600 metre stadium-jumping event.
In the modern Pentathlon points are awarded for each individual performance and the contestant with the highest point total is declared the winner.
Modern Pentathlon competitions were open exclusively to men until 1977, when the women’s modern Pentathlon was officially introduced at the World Championships is San Antonia, Texas.
The Modern Pentathlon is not just for the Olympics; competitions are held regularly the lowest age group is under 14’s and you cannot compete in the Olympic modern Pentathlon until you are eighteen or above.
Air pistols are used in this part of the modern Pentathlon.
Competitors must stand at a distance of 10 m away from the target and fire 20 shots on command at the target they have 40 seconds to aim and fire at the target before they have to shoot again.
Shooting targets vary in size but most are marked out concentric rings to give scoring zones ranging from 1 point on the outside ring to 10 points on the 2 inner rings (show target and describe it). The targets have 2 different background colours white on the outside and black in the middle. If a shot hits between 2 lines it scores the higher point.
Competitors use épée swords; they have a stiff, triangular, fluted blade, which have a maximum length of 110mm and they are wired at the point for scoring. Athletes face every other competitor in the competition and the first person to score a point within the time limit wins the fight.
The Piste
Fights take place on a piste a mat that covers an area of floor of 1.8m wide and 14m long. Along side the mat is an electronic scoring kit. All this makes up the...

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Uploaded by:   Sxyclr

Date:   01/19/2005

Category:   Sports

Length:   4 pages (798 words)

Views:   2339

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