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Auto Biography (fictional) Friend or Foe

Uploaded by Dont Think on Nov 17, 2004


Back when Humphrey B. Bear and Lift Off supplied us with our knowledge and Captain Planet was every kid’s idol, I was beginning Preschool. It was the stage in our lives when all the little boys and girls wanted to be vets, doctors, firemen and ballerinas. Progressing from Kindy into Preschool is considered an important milestone in a child’s life, an enjoyable experience to be remembered forever.

But it’s not when you’re the new kid.

From the very first time I met Jade Dickson, I hated her. She had red hair and was wearing a pink poker-dot frilly dress with shiny, black Mary-Jane’s and a pair of white frilly socks.

She was perfect.

She was a Poo! Everyone loved her, everyone that is but me. The reason being Jade Dickson was everything I wasn’t, and all too quickly I became the lone figure in the corner.

There my jealously turned into a deep hatred.

I guess everyone needs friends though. After a week all by myself in that lonely little corner of classroom 12A I got angry. I’d had enough of being called “Nigel no friends”. I decided to make Jade’s life hell. I’d make them all hate her as much as I did.

Jade was popular for one reason, (other then being perfect that is) she had the worlds best doll… The Special Edition Cabbage Patch Kid. Everyday she’d walk into school pushing that doll along in a bright blue stroller looking like she owned the place. Jade had named the doll Laura, after her best friend. Jade always dressed the doll in the exact same outfit as her. The same pink poker-dot frilly dress with shiny, black Mary-Jane’s and white frilly socks right down to a matching pale pink ribbon. It was sickening to see such a sight.

After another long week of feeling sorry for myself, I decided on a plan of action. I would ruin her doll for good. I figured if she didn’t have a good doll anymore no one would like her. I spent that morning in my corner all alone, as per usual but I couldn’t help but smile. Jade didn’t know what I had planed for her that day. At nap time after everyone had fallen into slumber land, I grabbed Laura and got a black permanent marker out of my bag. The others gradually woke up and a faint whispering could be...

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Uploaded by:   Dont Think

Date:   11/17/2004

Category:   Miscellaneous

Length:   4 pages (803 words)

Views:   1730

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