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The Mesopotamia Essay-Why it was the greatest civilization?

Uploaded by cooolway on Nov 10, 2004

Mesopotamian- The Great Civilization

The “Land Between the Rivers” has been a foundation of both savage barbarism and a great civilization. Mesopotamian culture reached its best moment between ca 3000-550 BCE. Yet, much of Mesopotamian culture is ignored, despite its rich heritage. An immense amount of the great early civilizations developed in the land known as Mesopotamia. It can be proven, in fact without any question, that because of Mesopotamia’s wide-ranging trade routes, its tremendous intensification in law and ruling, and the growth in technology that occurred, that Mesopotamia was one of the greatest civilizations to have ever existed.

For its time, Mesopotamian culture had the enormous trade routes. Its trade network extended across the sands of Egypt to the deserts in India. Egypt, in itself, had an excellent trade route with its access to the Mediterranean Sea. Mesopotamia, nevertheless, had trade routes not only in Egypt, but in many other locations to the east as well. All previous trade routes had been limited from village to village. Through its widespread trade route, it can be seen that Mesopotamia was a great civilization.

Mesopotamia did not only have trade routes as a demonstration to its greatness, but a promising government as well. As Mesopotamia was racked with barbarian invasions, the rise of some of major rules and laws were made which affects the laws that are made today. At least six law codes have been found in Mesopotamia. The earliest one is the Sumerian Code of Ur-Nammu, dating to the twenty-second century B.C.E. Others include the Code of Lipit-Ishtar, the Code of Eshnunna, Middle Assyrian laws, Hittite laws, and Neo-Babylonian laws but the most famous one is the Code of Hammurabi. King Hammurabi’s appropriately titled system of codified law, which is seemingly harsh in today’s view, but was proclaim as a just and fair law back in its day. The Mesopotamian had clay tablets, which contained written laws and deeds of property receipts and court decisions. The Mesopotamian had a well-designed system of laws. Historians are not knowledgeable enough to know how the first king came into power, but they did rule. As villages grew bigger and bigger and turned into communities, the people running the affairs of the community became more important. With a great deal of expansion in law, it is obvious to construe that Mesopotamia was one of the greatest civilizations ever to have existed.

Aside from its incredible...

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Uploaded by:   cooolway

Date:   11/10/2004

Category:   Miscellaneous

Length:   3 pages (738 words)

Views:   7701

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The Mesopotamia Essay-Why it was the greatest civilization?

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