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Mirror, Mirror

Broken mirror on the wall What to say as the pieces fall? A shattered vision, a broken dream Life is never as it seems. Darkly...

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Staindspikez Published on 10/20/2001 954 Reads Poems

Early Holiday Cheer?

“Mommy, I’m hungry,” I yelped from the depths of my frost infested throat. “Mommy, I want some food,” I demanded as I vigorously p...

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Staindspikez Published on 10/20/2001 1195 Reads Creative Writing

Experience Of A Real Nightmare.

When I opened my eyes, Couldn’t describe the scene, of a human brain hanging from the light bulb. The sight was too scary ...

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abdulla Published on 10/16/2001 940 Reads Poems

My Well

I am not yet sure of my thirst. I am in desparate need of water though. The source from which my water flows has been poisoned w...

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Tonia Published on 10/14/2001 771 Reads Poems

Fallen Angel

Chapter 1 The echoed screams of those who have been banished progress through the many corridors. Every one of them strikes fear ...

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Juggalo69 Published on 10/13/2001 1349 Reads Creative Writing

The Artist

The Lawrence family hails a cab in the heart of downtown Hangleton. With little success, they move to a deserted street hoping...

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Juggalo69 Published on 10/13/2001 913 Reads Creative Writing

Stuck In Time

It's 2139 and Charles Stimatra, head of the ITEDRC (International Time Exploration and Defense Research Company), has figured out ...

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Juggalo69 Published on 10/13/2001 845 Reads Creative Writing

The Cell - Spoof

Batherine Mean enters the realm of the human mind through an advanced neurological study. She is able to go inside the minds of pa...

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Juggalo69 Published on 10/13/2001 875 Reads Creative Writing


I grabbed the dagger hanging from the troll’s thigh as I bent before the cliff awaiting death. I pulled it from its holster and i...

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Juggalo69 Published on 10/13/2001 1084 Reads Creative Writing

What it is?

This morning, just as every morning, I got the privilege to see the sun rise up over the horizon as I traveled down the freeway. D...

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Taylor Published on 10/07/2001 637 Reads Creative Writing

Of Mice and Men - the extra chapter

“Will the court please stand. Honorary Judge Alan Diers presiding. You may be seated.” The courtroom audience sits and looks upo...

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atejada Published on 10/05/2001 970 Reads Creative Writing

Chef's Special

"Can I kill her?" the boy wondered aloud. He stood alone in the middle of a sparsely furnished room. In one corner was a small des...

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atejada Published on 10/05/2001 1008 Reads Creative Writing

Love Me

Here's the heart of someone Who's pain run so deep A heart that aches so badly Even while I sleep My dreams are so com...

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atejada Published on 10/05/2001 1000 Reads Poems

Three Houses Near a Crossroad

On a tall slender post two signs peacefully announce that this is the inter- section of Willow and Hill streets. Actually Willow s...

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atejada Published on 10/05/2001 1142 Reads Creative Writing

An Unexpected Gift

Marisol walked into the large highschool building. There were people socializing in little groups all the way down the long main h...

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Social_Light Published on 09/30/2001 1738 Reads Creative Writing

Conquering Mt. Kinabalu

The pale pearly light of pre-dawn was spreading across the sky above Mount Kinabalu on the northeast of East Malaysia. The early m...

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sparkle Published on 09/27/2001 1083 Reads Creative Writing

why the hell is it always me........

i'm not happy oright..i feel sad..i wanna give up...i don't know what si wrong with me ...i can't handle relationships...i don't w...

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ethanhunt Published on 09/26/2001 1086 Reads Creative Writing

I am...

Who am I? I am you. I am him, and I am her. I am everyone in this room. I am your worst nightmare, and I am your dream co...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 09/25/2001 1041 Reads Creative Writing

Moving On

Moving boxes make me think about the time my parents just got divorced. It was second grade and just after Christmas. (I guess spe...

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Scrumptie17 Published on 09/25/2001 851 Reads Creative Writing

The Hitchhiker

‘I’d watch out dear.’ Warned the frail old woman. Her eyes were slanted with concern. Her creased forehead frowned at her young gr...

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schmick Published on 09/24/2001 1382 Reads Creative Writing


I know I said yes, But deep down inside, Divided, Undecided. Days passed. That night, Before the day, Sleepless, Full ...

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elektra Published on 09/23/2001 963 Reads Poems


Breathing in I'm calm, Breathing out I smile, Eyes shut, picture painted, Heaven O mine, Paradise in mind, Peaceful, Serene, ...

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elektra Published on 09/23/2001 1172 Reads Poems

Sonja's Embrace

Naked. My reflection mocks me. The morning sun smiles on me, kisses me, holds me. As I begin to appreciate its soothing warmth, it...

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Cameron (Gesus) Published on 09/19/2001 1082 Reads Creative Writing

Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day today! I am sitting at my window and watching the beauty of nature. This is great sight! I love the scenes the na...

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siddhartha112 Published on 09/18/2001 1138 Reads Creative Writing

Farm Experience

Hi! Today I wish to share my farm experience with you. Last month I visited farm fields several times. There I got an opportunity ...

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siddhartha112 Published on 09/18/2001 934 Reads Creative Writing

Childhood Experience

Child company experience is one of the sweetest experience. We all have some child company experience. They play in your lap. Freq...

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siddhartha112 Published on 09/18/2001 1198 Reads Creative Writing

What is Life?

Have you ever thought what is life! Have .. you… ever..? ok its all of us who live it and its all of us who know it with our exper...

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siddhartha112 Published on 09/18/2001 723 Reads Creative Writing

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

My mind was all muddled up and everything went topsy-turvy inside it. Yet, I remained still and silent. No one would ever imagine ...

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get_it_rockin Published on 09/14/2001 1456 Reads Creative Writing

The me inside the mirror

Don't look at me inside the mirror for there you will not find anything.I know you want me to be someone you always wanted to have...

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blank_? Published on 09/11/2001 975 Reads Poems

Under the moon lit night

It was a magnificent night. The stars where glittering over us. We even saw a falling star. The moon was bright and full. For us i...

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gerada Published on 09/07/2001 845 Reads Creative Writing