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The Artist

Uploaded by Juggalo69 on Oct 13, 2001

The Lawrence family hails a cab in the heart of downtown Hangleton.

With little success, they move to a deserted street hoping for less human traffic. The only visible movement is a lone rat scurrying into a gutter.

Two lights appear on the horizon and Mr. Lawrence signals for a ride. The family of four lazily enters the cab after a late night at the theatre and they take off. Because of the long night and lengthy ride they doze off and leave their destination in the strange driver’s hands.

The family wakes up because of an abrupt stop and panic when they notice they are on a street, foreign to them.

“Why did we stop?” complains Mrs. Lawrence as she stretches from an awkward position.

The kids yawn and become aware of their situation. They are young but smart enough to know this isn’t their house and they should be there by now.

Mr. Lawrence grabs the door handle and is cut by a razor super glued to the inside of the handle. He grunts and checks the other with a pen.

His wife notices his distraught face and realizes he is hiding his bleeding hand from the children. She stifles a scream and wraps her scarf around the wound; he winces and starts immediately pounding on the wires that separate them from the mysterious driver.

The driver turns and exits the car as he gases them with a grenade through the wire cage and exits the vehicle with a blank stare.
Mr. Lawrence’s last energy is wasted on trying to break the window, without succession he slumps against the door. His last memory is the driver’s cold smile and deep, penetrating, dark stare.

FBI Detective Jed Vandelay exits his car and regards the crime scene at the foundry.

The two Lawrence boys are found locked in a chain link cage and the father was found with ropes bound around his wrists, his body viciously slashed by an unknown blade. The marks were not linked to any other type of known manufactured knife, which leads the police to believe the murderer has handcrafted his own weapons.

The mother was not found, only her clothes remained. Inside the coat pocket was a note made of cardboard and magazine clippings. It read: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

So far, authorities have not found the meaning of this strange note but detective Vandelay...

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Uploaded by:   Juggalo69

Date:   10/13/2001

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   10 pages (2,263 words)

Views:   1482

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