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College Application Essay

Uploaded by CollegeKid2002 on Oct 25, 2001

My parents influence some of my actions and thoughts--like cleaning the room, washing clothes, and tidying the computer table. Most of my friends influence my social activities, such as chess, moviegoing, and computer football. Teachers influence the way I spend my study time, as well as what I learn. These people influence my thoughts, activities, and values to an extent. But, the group is so large that no single individual plays a significant role in defining me. Therefore, I will discuss each group and its influence.

I exaggerated a little. My parents do more than tell me to clean the house. In the occasional lengthy mealtime discussions, I formulate many of my political views--liberal--from my family's comments. My parents have taught me to look ahead and plan. Also, of course, I know how to do most household chores, thanks to mom and dad.

My friends influence my political views a little. They influence what I do in my spare time a lot. Because of one of my friends, I play on the chess team, coach a tough computer football team, and go to a lot of movies. Another friend, who wishes to become President some day, talks politics and current events. He keeps me politically minded. Other friends influence my interest in the Indianapolis Colts, the Pacers (why is it that Indianapolis has such lousy sports teams?) and sports in general.

Homework, tests, yearbook spreads, and papers assigned by my teachers really influence my afternoon and evening activities. They also influence what quality reading I do. However, teachers themselves don't affect my inner life.

Perhaps the peson with the largest influence on me is me. Other people feed me their thoughts on the world--from physics to football-- and I formulate these thoughts with my own. When that glob of stolen, edited, and occasionally original ideas is combined with my experiences, it forms a large, lumpy package called the Intellect of Ashton Shortridge.

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Uploaded by:   CollegeKid2002

Date:   10/25/2001

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   1 pages (322 words)

Views:   1829

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