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Chef's Special

Uploaded by atejada on Oct 05, 2001

"Can I kill her?" the boy wondered aloud. He stood alone in the middle of a sparsely furnished room. In one corner was a small desk. Up against one wall was a tall bookcase, quite bare looking with just a few hardbound books occupying its shelves. Those two items, along with a few decent paintings, were all that occupied the room, aside from the boy, of course. Riley was the boy's name. If he had not had bigger and better things to worry about, he might have hated the name. But his name simply could not take precedent over his other problems. After all, he was considering murder.

"Maybe . . . " Riley paused, suddenly jerking his head to the right, in the direction of the desk. He had caught a swift and sudden movement from that area out of the corner of his eye. It was a phenomenon that had occurred many times over the previous few weeks. Sometimes he passed it off as nothing more than his imagination. However, often times he thought it was some sort of small creature, most likely a troll.

The troll that will be my downfall. Didn't the dreams tell me that? Yes, he thought they had. But he could not remember the dreams, so it was hard to say.

"Maybe I can shoot her." He was still looking in the direction of the desk, but could see no troll, or any other creature. A frown transformed his face as he leaned forward and stretched his neck out in an effort to see behind the desk. However, the effort was in vain because the area between the desk and the wall was darkened by shadows. It was not pitch black, but the lack of light was enough that a small figure, hunched down in the corner, could easily escape view.

"I wonder if he can switch between dimensions?" Riley asked himself, his train of thought suddenly taking an abrupt detour. "He could scurry around and stay out of sight. The little bastard could taunt me, catching my attention, and then just disappear before I got the chance to see him. He wouldn't even face me. Little coward. I'd like to do some stuff to him. Yeah, I'd like to." Riley paused a moment, the frown slowly disappearing from his face. "Will that kill him? Can that kill him?"

With quick steps, he...

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Uploaded by:   atejada

Date:   10/05/2001

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   14 pages (3,073 words)

Views:   1793

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