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Fallen Angel

Uploaded by Juggalo69 on Oct 13, 2001

Chapter 1
The echoed screams of those who have been banished progress through the many corridors. Every one of them strikes fear into the minds of whoever listens.

This is the place of fear, the worst punishment there is. Fear, the one thing that nobody wants, but there isn’t one person who does not have a fear. Whatever this fear may be, it is multiplied one hundred fold and met every minute when you are here.

Here is hell, where Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, walks about his chaotic masterpiece. Hell is plain and simply organized chaos.

He unmercifully gives orders for his demons to do unspeakable acts to anyone that has been banished. And everyone here would give anything just to die.

Lucifer walks beside his son Damien, they do not speak because they have nothing to talk about. Thousands of years together doesn’t leave much left to tell about yourself. There’s never anything new to talk about, every day is simply routine; make people wish they were dead.

Lucifer’s father, Michael sits upon his throne, watching Lucifer’s every move. He is waiting for him to make one mistake so he can give Damien the supreme rule. With Damien in charge he can play games with the boy’s mind and have Hell ruled the way he sees fit. Everyone in the family wants revenge on someone. Lucifer has tried many times to overtake God and his empire, each time failing miserably. For uncountable centuries, he has tried to find a loophole. What he doesn’t know is that his father is carrying out that plan already.

“Lucifer,” Michael’s voice shakes the walls. “Come here.” The King of Darkness steps up from his throne and Lucifer arrives before it. “Why have you not administered punishment to the newcomers? You have been losing it for the last few months. Damien’s promotion may be sooner than you like if you do not get your work done.”

Michael sits back down with a hateful sneer.

Lucifer turns around and begins to walk away.

“I asked you a question!” Thunders Michael. “I have had enough of your insolence!” Lucifer’s back is still turned. “Face me or be damned for all time!”

“Still a pathetic old man,” Lucifer turns and stares Michael right in the eye. “You do not scare me. You are and always will be a pathetic old man.”

Michael sizzles with anger and gets up from his seat. He holds a clenched fist towards...

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Uploaded by:   Juggalo69

Date:   10/13/2001

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   12 pages (2,696 words)

Views:   1840

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