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Social Issues

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Term Papers 181 - 210

Proposition 184

Cruel and Unusual Punishment is a fundamental right given to us by the United States (U.S.) Constitution. The 8th amendment states...

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phatkok2 Published on 05/10/2002 2764 Reads Capital Punishment

California's Proposition 184: Three Strikes and You're Out

Last year in California voters approved a controversial ballot initiative. Proposition 184, also known as the three strikes and yo...

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phatkok2 Published on 05/10/2002 2441 Reads Social Issues


A fraternity, as defined by the the American Heritage Dictionary is "a chiefly social organization of male college students, usual...

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bobby blau Published on 05/06/2002 1759 Reads Social Issues

In Defence of Suicide Bombers

"Another suicide bombing has taken place in Israel," said the TV announcer. "But this isn't just any suicide bomber. This time it ...

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Muslim 4 Life Published on 05/03/2002 1442 Reads Social Issues

The Greek-Macedonia issue : Macedonia is Greek!

In 1912, after the Balkan wars, the geographical territory known as Macedonia, in ancient times known as the Greek Kingdom at the ...

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Koulourakia_Girl Published on 05/02/2002 1731 Reads Social Issues

What is the influence of interpersonal conflict in our daily lives and how to solve it harmoniously?

Interpersonal conflict is one of the most common situations we will face in our daily lives with our family members, relatives, fr...

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siuking Published on 04/29/2002 2314 Reads Social Issues

Evolution of the Nerd Stereotpe

For the longest time, images in the media have depicted nerds the same way. They are portrayed as intelligent yet socially inept, ...

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SomeGuyinATL Published on 04/24/2002 1599 Reads Social Issues

Argument on Global Overpopulation

On our planet, there are almost six and one half billion people, and more are being born every second. Some estimates say that eve...

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SomeGuyinATL Published on 04/24/2002 2583 Reads Social Issues

Abortion - taking a life

What is abortion? Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before birth. Early in a pregnancy, the fertilized egg that grows and deve...

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ltlprinces Published on 04/22/2002 2762 Reads Abortion

Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover

We as teenagers are often defined as shallow, naive, and sometimes uncompassionate youngsters. Most of this recognition comes from...

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EmmyGray Published on 04/22/2002 1530 Reads Social Issues

The Legalization of Marijuana

One question that has haunted Americans for a long time is: “Should the use of marijuana be legalized?” Some say, “Yes”, while oth...

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tummyluvin Published on 04/18/2002 2187 Reads Drugs And Alcohol

Decriminalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug obtained from dried and crumpled parts of the universal hemp plant Cannabis sativa (or Cannabis indicia). It i...

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sana Published on 04/17/2002 2165 Reads Drugs And Alcohol

Role of Women in China - Ancient times and Today

The role of women in China has changed dramatically, from one of servitude and repression in ancient China, to one of equality in ...

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jacobw500 Published on 04/12/2002 3706 Reads Women's Rights

Changes in the Australian Family

Through interpreting the information in the table below, construct an argument that accounts for the trends in marriage and fertil...

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mishmish Published on 04/10/2002 1725 Reads Social Issues

Underage Drinking

Who is to judge whether or not someone underage is mature enough to handle the responsibility of consuming alcohol? The government...

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JWA Published on 04/02/2002 2373 Reads Drugs And Alcohol

Globalization in the Philippines

Economic Globalization is something that has been with the human race ever since the world has begun. From local to global, we cou...

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marcus_0413 Published on 03/30/2002 5916 Reads Social Issues

TV violence

"The relationship between violence on the screen and violence in real life is extremely complicated. But while the relationship ma...

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Admin Published on 03/30/2002 1926 Reads Television


An act utilitarian would go about determining their course of action by taking into account many factors. One factor that would be...

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nhutvo Published on 03/22/2002 1226 Reads Social Issues

Welfare - articles review

ABSTRACT 'We're going to support activities that help couples who choose marriage for them selves develop the skills and knowledg...

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tanzanianimani Published on 03/19/2002 1638 Reads Social Issues

Abortion is Murder

This is a very big moral issue. I wonder is people realize that they are killing an innocent baby? Yes it is a fetus, but it is in...

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christizLord Published on 03/17/2002 2236 Reads Abortion

Environment Response

All around America, there are many examples of Federalism involving environmental protection and preservation. Often, states will ...

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MafiaBoy85 Published on 03/15/2002 1418 Reads Social Issues

Capital Punishment

There has been much controversy over capital punishment over the years. Few people in the United States see capital punishment as ...

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Aicirt Published on 03/15/2002 5148 Reads Capital Punishment

Ethics of the Media

Since the effects of the media increased over people, the aim of the media has gone into an alteration. The morals of the media ch...

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ceaser Published on 03/14/2002 1429 Reads Social Issues

Individuals vs. Society

An individual’s role in society can vary with the number themes the characters exhibit. When there are signs of fate, cruelties, w...

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MafiaBoy85 Published on 03/14/2002 2295 Reads Social Issues

Rape - A male perspective

According to government figures, the average British woman in 1991 stood a one in 7,539 chance of being raped during the course of...

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kharding Published on 03/08/2002 1976 Reads Social Issues

Go Vegetarian; You Have No More Excuses

Everyday, more and more people are making the choice to lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Vegans abstain from partaking in all...

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kyra666 Published on 03/06/2002 2179 Reads Animal Rights

Witch Burning

Mike Gustie’s Superlative, Proactively Executed, Homogenous, and Good Essay as Pertaining to the Failing Youth of America and “The...

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Enirambus Published on 03/04/2002 1619 Reads Social Issues


The Role Of Unions in Society In the past, unions were established to protect the dignity and the basic rights of the worker. Uni...

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frollypoo Published on 03/02/2002 1922 Reads Social Issues

Speech Codes on College Campuses

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the fr...

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Escada Published on 02/27/2002 2207 Reads Social Issues

Candid View on Drinking

Paul Kantner once said, "If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren't really there." I feel this same way when talk...

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Escada Published on 02/27/2002 1898 Reads Drugs And Alcohol