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Witch Burning

Uploaded by Enirambus on Mar 04, 2002

Mike Gustie’s Superlative, Proactively Executed, Homogenous, and Good Essay as Pertaining to the Failing Youth of America and “The Apology”

The youth of America are a morass of filth, apathy and corruption, and they are nearly blind to the impending doom their immorality brings upon them. Compared to the youth of the 1700’s, the teenagers these days deserve the title “disposable teens” or “throwaway kids”. For evidence, I would like to draw your attention to several factors as examples of their amorality and vice. The primary being the nearly nonexistent discipline imposed upon modern youth, followed by a complete lack of patriotism- with the icing on the cake being a sharp decline in witch burnings.

From the beginning, I would like to point out that the decline in witch-burnings is most assuredly NOT from a decline in the number of witches; it stems from a decline in the acceptability of being a witch, or “Wiccan” in modern society. As further evidence of this, my spellcheck forced me to capitalize “wiccan” as I was writing it! Only God and Jesus should be capitalized, not “wiccan”. For that matter, neither should “hitler” or “satan”. If teens were moral, witches and public executions of these would be as commonplace as they were in the 1700’s. Some people say that kids are better these days because of “concrete evidence” such as college admission statistics or employment rates, but these things do not make teens better, merely more active, active in the ways of SATAN! The only thing to measure “better” is morality, and kids these days obviously violate more of the ten commandments than ever before, making young women pregnant and leaving them to their own ends, as well as cheating on vocabulary quizzes!

I deeply apologize for the preceding two paragraphs, but the point I was attempting to convey was the absurdity of trying to establish a concrete stand on an undefined foundation. The problem of America’s youth can be argued either way: they’re better, they’re worse, moral, amoral, the same- whatever you choose- and on top of this, one would be able to find “evidence” or data to support any of these assertions. Data is subjective, just like opinion, and indeed, the latter influences the former. Economists would be able to prove to you that our economy is failing yet we are doing better than we ever have before. The same applies for an essay...

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Uploaded by:   Enirambus

Date:   03/04/2002

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   6 pages (1,329 words)

Views:   1490

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