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Term Papers 61 - 90

Compare and contrast two main theories of ‘crime and deviance’.

‘‘a diabetic at work without a recent insulin injection approaching the lunch break may become tense, erratic, short tempered, but...

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jak832000 Published on 07/02/2004 9723 Reads Law


Cellphones… The complexity of my life came when I began to own my first cellphone. I acquired it last December 7. I thought that...

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bebecha Published on 06/20/2004 2049 Reads Miscellaneous

What is language? What are its functions, advantages, and limitations?

Language is a written code used for communication or for the displaying of data. There are two different types of language: Mathem...

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karl_marx Published on 06/01/2004 2358 Reads Miscellaneous

the evolution of the world

Since the early 1800’s people have been trying to figure out the natural world. In the beginning we thought that creationism was ...

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beaver9d9 Published on 05/20/2004 1867 Reads Miscellaneous

Snuff Films

So, you do not believe in snuff films, eh? Well, they are unfortunately a fact. There is one documented case of such, and it c...

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Steven Miscione Published on 05/19/2004 1886 Reads Miscellaneous

Research Paper: The benefits of homework

The Objective: Through comprehensive research I have read and studied many conflicting viewpoints about the importance and benefit...

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ScaredOfClowns Published on 05/11/2004 1820 Reads Miscellaneous


A BUSY DAY IN 1955 I awoke to a low rumble of thunder, and rolling out of my warm, ...

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neibel1 Published on 05/05/2004 1635 Reads Miscellaneous

PSU soccer Field

PSU Soccer Field: So often we don’t take the time to explore the many wonderful and unique places right here in out own back yard...

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jessica143 Published on 04/20/2004 1983 Reads Miscellaneous

Arcitecture. in Anc. Rome

The Roman society, like any other, had its humble beginnings. The history of their architecture runs virtually in step with the hi...

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docsuf Published on 03/23/2004 1936 Reads Miscellaneous

Trying Juveniles as adults

How would you feel if someone in your family was brutally murdered by an adolescent? With the increasing amount of crime being com...

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Tay Published on 02/18/2004 3018 Reads Miscellaneous

Transitions to Agriculture

Transitions to Agriculture The transition in the common mode of subsistence, from hunter-gatherer t...

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lockergod Published on 12/08/2003 2065 Reads Miscellaneous


Frontline The term ‘truth’ is defined as the unbiased and actual portrayal of an event or situation. However, in the context o...

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vdg Published on 11/23/2003 2518 Reads Miscellaneous

FCC vs Pacifica Broadcasting Foundation

In 1978 a radio station owned by Pacifica Foundation Broadcasting out of New York City was doing a program on contemporary attitud...

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crstepts Published on 12/09/2002 3331 Reads Law

parliamentary sovereignty

When we talk about 'Parliament' and 'parliamentary sovereignty' what exactly do we mean? Firstly we must take the word 'Parliament...

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william jones Published on 12/07/2002 3011 Reads Law

Significance of Judicial Precedence

Describe the Operation of the System of Judicial Precedent and assess its Present significance in the Law of England. There are...

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william jones Published on 12/07/2002 3421 Reads Law

Jigsaw Learning

A Periodical Report on the Jigsaw Technique A re-emerging technique in today’s classrooms is the jigsaw technique. The jigsaw cla...

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Rikordway Published on 12/03/2002 2082 Reads Miscellaneous

Does the law relating to Obscenity and Blasphemy constitute too great a restriction on freedom of ex

The right to freedom of expression is a fundamental right, which has not traditionally been prescribed by law, but can be consider...

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Haf Published on 11/26/2002 2370 Reads Law

European Union - When and to what extent are directives ‘directly effective’?

The European Community has had a decidedly significant impact upon the legal systems of the Member States. It was established in 1...

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Haf Published on 11/26/2002 2963 Reads Law

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the present defence of Insanity?

It has been well-established feature of the English legal system that rules of criminal law are addressed to rational and responsi...

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Haf Published on 11/26/2002 3061 Reads Law

Healthy Eating

The dietary guidelines are: Eat more fibre, eat less salt, sugar and fat. These guidelines were introduced because people were dyi...

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ashchap Published on 11/24/2002 2161 Reads Miscellaneous

Media Essay - Comparing Advertisements

In this essay I shall be revealing how advertisements are put together. I am comparing two advertisements, first I will discuss th...

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ashchap Published on 11/24/2002 2966 Reads Miscellaneous

The Notion of Crimes against Humanity as a Human Right

"Inter arma silent leges" -Roman maxim War and law have had a constant relationship between each other ever since the existen...

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bayushibors Published on 11/15/2002 2383 Reads Law

Just Outcomes in Australian Courts - Azaria Chamberlain and Walsh Street Cases

The legal system aims to achieve just outcomes, however the perception of justice varies between individuals, the legal system and...

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Ethan Published on 11/09/2002 2784 Reads Law

Australian Gun Reform Laws

The Firearms Act 1996 (Vic.) was passed by the Victorian Parliament on October 31st 1996 in accordance with the National Agreement...

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Ethan Published on 11/09/2002 2845 Reads Law

Football and Rugby - Compare and Contrast

When someone mentions physical sports, the most physical that come to mind are football and rugby. Each sport would be called phys...

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SEABREEZY Published on 10/24/2002 9352 Reads Sports

Football - Running Back

A good running back is an essential for a good football team, but a great running back is essential for a championship football te...

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SEABREEZY Published on 10/24/2002 3123 Reads Sports

Love In Campus

I haven't decided which topic to dewell on until I heard of a story, the same story that happened again between my classmates this...

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realturtle Published on 08/28/2002 2143 Reads Miscellaneous

Define the key concepts associated with the cognitive perspective

Attention is what enables people to process information about the world around us, and is constructed of channels. A channel is a ...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 2285 Reads Miscellaneous


Power is, as anyone will tell you, a tantalizing addiction. The natural human craving for power derives from the simple ideals of ...

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Curufin Published on 07/15/2002 1698 Reads Miscellaneous


Throughout the ages, man has always used his idea of correct knowledge as a way of pushing himself higher, a way of reaching a new...

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Curufin Published on 07/15/2002 1523 Reads Miscellaneous