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Media Essay - Comparing Advertisements

Uploaded by ashchap on Nov 24, 2002

In this essay I shall be revealing how advertisements are put together. I am comparing two advertisements, first I will discuss the Citroen xsara advertisement by concentrating on how the advert was filmed, and how the advert was put together, what the advert is trying to say about the car and how it says it. Then I will be analysing the RAC advertisement looking at the same key points. I will finish the essay with a conclusion.

Citroen Xsara

The establishing shot is of a man looking through a pair of hairdressing scissors. After that he talks about himself a little, and is angry, he starts talking about the car, and mentions all the extra bits (air conditioning etc.) in a bad sort of way, almost putting the car down and making it look bad. Then, at the end of the advert he gets his tie stuck in the door as he shuts it, and says "Gordon Bennett" all the time he speaks, he talks in an exaggerated French accent.

The advert has been filmed using a lot of humour. The advert is filmed in different ways for the two main parts of it. Black and white is used when the Frenchman is in view, and changes to colour to show off the red, sporty car, this may be to show that the car is better than the Frenchman, because it is in colour. The camera moves a lot, and is a little shaky when it is filming the Frenchman, and is backing off because of his anger, and is a lot stiller when it is filming the car, like it is soothing and steady. There are a lot of close ups and different camera angles during the part without the car, which also exaggerates the Frenchman's anger and jumpiness but only a few simple shots are used elsewhere, as the car is more important, and clearer views are needed. The Frenchman is in a room full of clutter at first, but then it cuts to the car in a simple white area with the lights visible, as if it were looking at a photo shoot for a beautiful model from a distance. There are a lot of short rapid cuts during the first part, and fewer in the second because of the presence of the car. All of this is trying to tell the viewer that the car is better.

Humour is used...

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Uploaded by:   ashchap

Date:   11/24/2002

Category:   Miscellaneous

Length:   10 pages (2,175 words)

Views:   2607

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