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Uploaded by bebecha on Jun 20, 2004

Cellphones… The complexity of my life came when I began to own my first cellphone. I acquired it last December 7. I thought that it could bring me good benefits like to call my mom if I get home late. I desired it to be of simple use but then it had become part of my stressful life.
You see, some of my well-meaning friends miss-call or drop-call me late at night! Oh, I really hate those times when I’d wake-up and answer those calls… I get really busted when they just want to say “hello� and ask me what I’m doing. I’d want to say “I’ am a sleepy-head right now no please go to sleep and I’ll get my beauty rest� but I can’t. I just entertain them and when the call finishes, my eyes would be wide awake and can’t get to sleep. Another thing that really pisses me off is when new numbers appear on my message inbox. I had to go under guessing games or ask who this texter is. I end up not getting worth of my peso or the bad thing I would always think off is it was just a mis-send. Lastly, some of my guy friends give their friends my number. I just hate it when they text me, “Hi! Cn u b my txm8?� getting the information from one another could cause a 20 pesos payment to Globe Telecom. It is the root of why my best friends have ill feelings towards me because I got no load when they text me.
If I can get hold of things which could make living move complex, am I living still a simple life? Simplicity entails happiness consists of accepting what you have and what you are. I accept who I am but the thing I accepted makes me unhappy. That simple thing that I thought would give me blessings made me curse people and myself.
Maybe, I might not have lived according to my means. It just means that I’m showing off what I am not. Just like my cellphone. I use it when I really need it but when friends have problems, I always do my best to be available to them all the time, I text them and give them advices but it drains my energy when all the efforts I have given them goes down to the sink. Most of the...

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Uploaded by:   bebecha

Date:   06/20/2004

Category:   Miscellaneous

Length:   3 pages (670 words)

Views:   2046

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