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Term Papers 271 - 300


So those places which have different latitudes receive unequal heading by the sun, and that is the fundamental reason of producing...

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meipeng_cn Published on 08/06/2002 1486 Reads Creative Writing


When everything is wrong, how do I still go on? When nothing makes sense, how do I still go on? When I want to die, I live. When I...

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honeybaby_05 Published on 08/06/2002 1677 Reads Poems


S ometimes the pressure eats at you T urning pressure into expertise U nderstanding your expertise and becoming a part of so...

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KiwiGrippa Published on 08/03/2002 1646 Reads Poems

Perpetual Insignificance

“A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” -Shakespeare Light pierced the hazing heat, Illuminati...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 1738 Reads Poems

Teachers who are School Smart, but not Life Smart

“Give me your High School Diplomas, your Master Degrees, and your Bachelor Degrees! Give them to me and I shall throw them into th...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 1742 Reads Creative Writing

A Note Just to Say:

Things that have been said, So many times they are almost dead. The life still remains, With the meaning gone, And yet there’s...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 1604 Reads Poems

Banished to Hell

Sitting alone, so cold and afraid, Surrounded by gray Milan fog, Ever-present, his heart sinks low, Frozen and ready to shatter...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 1789 Reads Poems

Bastardly Cowardly Whore

A Coward you are! A Bastardly Cowardly Whore! To you, what happens happens But of your life you are no captain. Slaves you ass...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 1908 Reads Poems

Consequences of Secrets Kept

The confusion swirls round and round her eyes, All these thoughts making her mind curl. Every crease, every wrinkle of her brain...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 2013 Reads Poems

The Old Lady and the Cat

Once there was an old lady who had a cat. She was 83 years old and had found a beauitful gray and white cat. It had pretty silky f...

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CrazyCat2 Published on 07/29/2002 1704 Reads Creative Writing

Holiday Island

Holiday Island is a very small island located in the far east of Puerto Rico between the U.S Virgin Islands. The island is very be...

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websterr Published on 07/27/2002 1640 Reads Creative Writing

The Pathway of my Career --short

I decided early on to devote my life to helping people with disabilities be recognized by who they are, not by how they appear. Ed...

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hwlady Published on 07/23/2002 1610 Reads Creative Writing


Through distant past and upcoming future, Though boundless infinity and confining reach, Past vast oceans, over majestic mountai...

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Curufin Published on 07/15/2002 1474 Reads Poems


How can one measure the meaning of freedom without understanding the torment of confinement. The dark, unfathomable reaches of a d...

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Curufin Published on 07/15/2002 1524 Reads Creative Writing


Beauty is so easily overrated. An omnipresent characteristic, beauty has stolen the eye of today’s youth. Gone are the days where ...

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Curufin Published on 07/15/2002 1765 Reads Creative Writing

What Makes a Person

Most people do not feel change taking place within them. One of the reasons why this is so might be because it is happening in eve...

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hilarios604 Published on 07/10/2002 1926 Reads Creative Writing

What is in a name?

What is in a name? Does a name serve any importance in representing a person? Three letters and one syllable make up my name. Whic...

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hilarios604 Published on 07/10/2002 1527 Reads Creative Writing

Endless Summer Nights

I saw him again. A couple of houses down from our own little bungalow, a family of four was also spending the summer on the island...

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hilarios604 Published on 07/10/2002 1717 Reads Creative Writing

If tomorrow never comes

If tomorrow never comes And I will happen to stop living, Remember that my love was once To you the main highest feeling. If...

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Ane Published on 07/05/2002 2304 Reads Poems

The purple cat

There once was a beautiful Cat It sometimes wore a nice hat. A hat some might say, But alas it flew away As the wind swept pas...

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Kdish Published on 07/04/2002 1712 Reads Poems

The General

The name given to him before, what he called bleakness was General Dravam ti’Macnas Bashere. But now every one referred to him as ...

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prankster Published on 06/25/2002 1415 Reads Creative Writing

Walking Back

Walking back down the long dusty path into an experience of a life time, knowing I can’t go back. I’ve left my world behind me, tr...

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kiaravin Published on 06/22/2002 1506 Reads Creative Writing

The turtle island (Mackinaw)

Waiting and waiting for the ferry to arrive was more than I could stand..."quit fidgiting,your making me nervous", said Susie.Whil...

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babygirl01 Published on 06/21/2002 1340 Reads Creative Writing

Misconstrued Salvation

What bigot kind dare doused that light Of folly scurrying at that time Winging down with captured steed To emulate that chil...

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ast Published on 06/20/2002 1541 Reads Poems


Those mirrored parts That make a whole Wrenched loose through causal vigour Welkin subtle innate soul Duple cast in shadow...

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ast Published on 06/20/2002 1778 Reads Poems


Well now brown cow Said swaggering sow Explain to me just how That all things equal though in part Incongruous as my sonor...

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ast Published on 06/20/2002 1611 Reads Poems


Apologies never seem to take away the pain, They only remind you of what you lost again, Promises never seem to dry your tears, ...

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juvanyle Published on 06/10/2002 1927 Reads Poems

The Old Barn

Charlotte Johnson, a kind and loving mother of two, looked at the old barn and realized it would soon fall down. It was in a terri...

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pharaoh Published on 06/05/2002 1727 Reads Creative Writing

come as you are

do you remember what you said to me? how you tricked and converted my reality i never thought of having so much pain but now ...

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steyr_og Published on 05/29/2002 1593 Reads Poems

Your Smile

I see you across the room, Laughing with your friends. Not noticing me watching you, Staring at you. Not noticing me. I’ve gr...

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pixi_stix Published on 05/27/2002 1861 Reads Poems