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Consequences of Secrets Kept

Uploaded by trillianmcmillan on Jul 30, 2002

The confusion swirls round and round her eyes,
All these thoughts making her mind curl.
Every crease, every wrinkle of her brain
Aches from trying to understand
Why you are so fake.
She knows you care, it shoots out your eyes
Like cries from a spoiled child’s mouth.
And yet you surround her with thousands of lies.
You keep it all inside, and then drown it
In a five dollar liquor.
Why take your emotions
And lock them away in the midnight sky,
Only to fill the space with ill-fated potions?

Your life is in pieces – Thumbellina stands taller.
Yet you sit with your potions and your poisons,
Do you ever even think to call her?

You pull the veil over your eyes, wrap it round and round your mind,
Not wanting to see nor hear
All the pain, the confusion you cause her.
You force her to live in a pieced together world,
A puzzle world,
With half the pieces stolen – by you.
Even harder it get to put together,
For every day the pieces there are
Get darker and darker. No color shines through
From you, for it’s still locked away in the midnight sky.

Where was he when she first saw
The light of day? When she first saw
Your pale face and scraggly hair?

Years later you find she stares at you
In awe. Cracked lips, dead eyes;
Was it really you who bore her?
You that carried her, for more than half a year?
No, it cannot be. No one to bear a thing so sweet,
So pure, could leave like that,
With her still in her cradle.

A saddening thing it is, to know
That only the loss of a life
Will put you next to each other.

But even then you refuse to see
The pain which radiates from that grandiose smile.
Her eyes, all the shades of the sea, sparkle not from joy,
But from countless tears continuously shed.
And because you refuse to see,
She lives in a life blackened and tarnished with mystery.

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Uploaded by:   trillianmcmillan

Date:   07/30/2002

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (303 words)

Views:   1606

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