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Teachers who are School Smart, but not Life Smart

Uploaded by trillianmcmillan on Jul 30, 2002

“Give me your High School Diplomas, your Master Degrees, and your Bachelor Degrees! Give them to me and I shall throw them into the fiery depths of Hell! You say you have more rights than others because you have pieces of paper that say you are smart! You say you can do more than us because you have seen people born and seen others die! Well I have news for you - so have many of us. The only thing that makes you superior to seniors is your age, but the actions and words of many of you have taken even that away, for it seems that many of you are more emotionally immature than many of us! You make rules that no one can cut in line, and we agree, so long as you follow your rules, too! But no, you’re too good for that! You have a room, but now you want ours, too. And what do we get in return? Nothing! Now you have two and we have none! We asked for a compromise and you did nothing! Then, of all things, you wonder why we go against you! You come here from other places, normal places, and expect to change things – to have it all your way. If you had taken the time to notice, you would have seen that ASM is no normal place, but that you have now entered a very real version of the Twighlight Zone! You try to do all this in a place so strange and new, try to create your own American microcosm, and yet you do not realize that throughout history this is why people have failed, and why hundreds have died. You cannot change the land, but the land can change you! You take all this away from us, and then you want respect. Ha! Respect is something you earn through your actions and your words, not a right that you get just for being old!

You’re supposed to be role models for us, we’re supposed to learn from you and follow your good examples. But examples like this? This may get us somewhere in life, but it will lead us there by the wrong path! It will be a path of destruction, and sometime the hatred from those who were walked over to create this path will catch up to all, and all will be trampled by...

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Uploaded by:   trillianmcmillan

Date:   07/30/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   3 pages (563 words)

Views:   2005

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Teachers who are School Smart, but not Life Smart

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