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What is in a name?

Uploaded by hilarios604 on Jul 10, 2002

What is in a name? Does a name serve any importance in representing a person? Three letters and one syllable make up my name. Which part of me does that represent? I believe that a person’s name does not partake in their identity or character. It is just a form of reference, given to a person at the time of their birth.

Carla is the first name given to me by my parents. It holds no particular sentiment to them or to me. Because of the repetition of its use over time, it seemingly belongs to me. It is only time and reiteration that creates familiarity with one’s names.

Hence, if I changed my name, it would cause a lot of difficulty with those around me because they are already familiar with the name Carla. If it did not cause inconvenience though, I would change my name to Jade. I prefer short, unique names as opposed to common names. Jade matches these qualities.

The meanings of people’s names though, are irrelevant to their self and persona. One of the main reasons why I think that a name does not represent a person is because a name is chosen by the parents at the time of a baby’s birth. We do not even select our own names and therefore no part of our name is connected to us. In order for a name to portray an element of a person’s guise, that name must be chosen by the person who bears it. In this fashion, personality can be conveyed.

If this were the case though, our names would change with every shift of our beliefs and hobbies. So, it is better to just take the name that you are given because in time it will curve to suit you through recurrence and familiarity. Your name is not who you are; it takes no part in your identity. All the words ever to exist couldn’t contain the smallest fraction of one’s self, least of all one word?

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Uploaded by:   hilarios604

Date:   07/10/2002

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   1 pages (335 words)

Views:   1350

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