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Science And Technology

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Money spent on research is almost a good investment, even when the results of that research are cont

Money spent on research is almost a good investment, even when the results of that ...

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ssan_k Published on 08/29/2006 748 Reads Science And Technology

Online Alexithymia Questionnaire (OAQ)

Online Alexithymia Questionnaire target-factors: [GO TO THIS LINK FOR AN AUTOMATED ...

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Jason Thompson Published on 05/26/2006 1229 Reads Psychology

Computer Games: Addictive and Time-Consuming

Entertainment plays a big role in everyday life. “Games, video, computer, online games, Playstations, etc can be used as entertain...

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Gix Published on 05/03/2006 1236 Reads Technology

Who am I? Where is here? When is now?

Often when I look at the stars when I’m in bed at night I shudder to think of my insignificance in the immensity of the Universe...

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[Digital^Dude] Published on 05/02/2006 838 Reads Science And Technology

Investigation into the factors that effect rennin

RESEARCH I know that Rennin is an enzyme, so before conducting this experiment I am first going to do some research into enzymes ...

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Sxyclr Published on 01/17/2006 1626 Reads Biology


Revenge cannot be explained through psychological analysis, revenge is a human instinct. It is traced back to the days of the cave...

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Bag puss Published on 01/17/2006 970 Reads Psychology

Acid Rain

Acid Rain Written by: Ali Ridha Introduction Acid rain has become an environmental concern of global importance within the last ...

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packsfan430 Published on 01/02/2006 969 Reads Acid Rain

Acid Rain

Acid Rain Written by: Unregistered Introduction Acid rain has become an environmental concern of global importance within th...

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packsfan430 Published on 01/02/2006 1023 Reads Acid Rain

Pros and cons of genetic alteration

Do you want to be exceptionally good at sports? Excluding the fact that you may be naturally gifted and/or you have trained for sp...

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allenxiao521 Published on 12/10/2005 807 Reads Science And Technology


A Brief History of Wine "Pinot needs constant care and attention, it can't thrive if neglected.” (Film Sideways) ‘Wine is an a...

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mshams Published on 12/01/2005 687 Reads Chemistry

Comp Sci

Random Variable A random variable X is a rule that assigns a numerical value to each outcome in the sample space of an experimen...

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blackboi66 Published on 11/30/2005 665 Reads Science And Technology

Stem Cells: Could This Be The Cure For Cancer?

Stem Cells: Could this be the technology to cure cancer? By: Ali Ridha Stem cells could be the greatest medi...

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packsfan430 Published on 11/07/2005 740 Reads Biology

Tsunami's - A Geologic Hazard - REPORT

Please note this is a "Scientific Report" not an essay please bare this in mind. Introduction ...

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apollo_crash Published on 11/02/2005 771 Reads Science And Technology


There is an abundant amount of animal species in the world. They all have adapted and evolved to survive in their surroundings. ...

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jarlocke Published on 09/26/2005 933 Reads Animals

Proteinaceous Infectious Particles

Over the years there have been many documented cases of diseases for which there appeared to be no cause. Only within the late 20t...

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Xerxes Published on 09/21/2005 964 Reads Biology

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Alzheimer’s disease is emerging to potentially become the largest medical problem facing the eld...

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Nategrey Published on 08/05/2005 1071 Reads Science And Technology

Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Almost everyone has tried alcohol at some stage, and many also use it as a regular basis in parties and other special occasions. W...

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harsh_way Published on 05/15/2005 909 Reads Psychology

How Your Immune System Works

How the Immune System Works The immune system defends the body from attack by "invaders" recognized as foreign. It is an extrao...

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Sheryu Published on 05/12/2005 936 Reads Biology

Breeding Roses (this comes in handy for biology if your studying plants and need some extra credit)

Every rose breeder has certain more or less definite ideals or objectives toward which his breeding efforts are directed. Some o...

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Sheryu Published on 05/12/2005 818 Reads Biology

Psychology Theories

Sigmund Freud Biography Sigmund Freud was born on 6th May 1856 in Moravia’s town Freiberg. He lived the most of...

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tauseef Published on 05/05/2005 1069 Reads Psychology

Nature vs Nurture

Nature is when a person is influenced by the inherited genes and nurture is when a person is influenced by the environment and sur...

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tauseef Published on 05/05/2005 1293 Reads Psychology


Since the first vaccine in 1796 for smallpox, made by Edward Jenner, modern science has managed to create vaccines to give us immu...

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sanjmo Published on 05/03/2005 1226 Reads Biology

Natrual Selection Informitive

Natural Selection Table of Contents...

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steinauf Published on 05/03/2005 731 Reads Biology

hybrid vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles 1 Hybrid Vehicles: (Effects on the environment) Arthur Gil Environmental Investigations Profe...

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swiss_2415 Published on 05/02/2005 574 Reads Science And Technology

An Infinite Universe

Now I am not a physics major nor do I claim to be extremely knowledgeable in physics. In fact, this essay (more of an extension to...

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paintbreak2000 Published on 04/18/2005 817 Reads Physics


Atomic Number: 8 Atomic Radius: 66 pm Atomic Symbol: O Melting Point: -218.79 ºC Atomic Weight: 15.9994 Boiling ...

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xxbritishgalxx Published on 03/01/2005 778 Reads Chemistry

Stem Cells: Could this be the technology to cure cancer?

Stem cells could be the greatest medical advance in history in the sense that most of our serious diseases can be cured. Stem cell...

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Sridar Published on 02/28/2005 381 Reads Science And Technology


So many people live in this world. And every person admires for something in his life, but what you think that s/he get everything...

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kumarmall Published on 02/28/2005 876 Reads Psychology

Crushed Ice lab


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galileo Published on 02/26/2005 591 Reads Science And Technology

Downs Syndrome

Downs Syndrome- A Chromosome Abnormality Aimee-Kate 3-2 In humans the Chromosome compliment is 46, however in a person with th...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 01/31/2005 1007 Reads Biology