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Graduration Day

Uploaded by scir0cc0 on Dec 19, 2006

Clemmitt, C

Philosophy 195

Steven, C

Graduation day and I’m freaking out. Panic is becoming my state of mind, as it’s hard to breathe and in the back of throat feels as if a monster is crawling up it. In about 10 seconds I will have to walk the across the stage, I don’t remember the following seconds leading up to the moment or even how I got here. How the hell could this have happen on graduation day? Outside it’s a warm sunny day as the line of students moves closer towards the podium I look out into the crowd to see anyone I know. I find myself at a lost again blinded by the sun reflection. I can not see a single face, but heard a girl behind me as she bumps into me and with a harsh whisper said, “You’re next”. I start to walk in slow motion in my green gown and with the first step I feel a thug from behind. I can hear gasps from beyond the stage. I now know what has happened, I complete naked from my under shirt down because the girl behind had step on my gown tearing it off as I walked. Why did I forget my pants? I feel all alone up there as I feel the new found cold wind.

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Uploaded by:   scir0cc0

Date:   12/19/2006

Category:   Psychology

Length:   1 pages (220 words)

Views:   1630

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Graduration Day

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