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Uploaded by mshams on Dec 01, 2005

A Brief History of Wine
"Pinot needs constant care and attention, it can't thrive if neglected.” (Film Sideways)
‘Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is made by fermenting grapes or grape juice. Wine-like beverages can also be made from other fruits or from flowers, grains, and even honey.’ ( encyclopedia online)
Wine, has been firmly established at the heart of civilization since ancient times. Wine is thought to have it’s origins in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. Among the first cultures to cultivate wine was the Egyptians, Greeks and Europeans. In ancient Egypt, wine played an important part in ceremonial life. ‘The ancient Greeks drank to the God Dionysus, in order to forgot about there worries a tradition they inherited by the Romans, who drank to their god Bacchus.’ (Wines of the World. Susan Keevil. Pg.15).
Wine, has been and is an important drink in religion. In Christianity for example, wine symbolizes Christ’s blood. The representation of wine as blood has Greek origins, pre-dating Christianity. Wine, as a blessing is part of the Jewish ritual.
One of Christ’s great miracles was turning water into wine at a wedding. (A great host indeed.)
In the 16th century, Europeans set out into the new world, there culture which included religion and their wines helped influenced other Countries to embrace this magical drink. Being clean and safer to drink than water, wine was consumed to great amounts. In France, a bottle of wine can be cheaper than a bottle of spring water even in modern times.
‘At the end of the 20th century the world had over 8 million hectares under vine and was producing nearly 300 million hectoliters of wine. Wine now, is now made virtually all over the world.’ (Wines of the World. Susan Keevil. Pg.10). However with that being said results may vary. Wine experts consider the best tasting wines, is from countries such as France, Italy and Spain. One of the worst tasting wines I ever tasted was wine from Bolivia in South America, the taste was too sweet. This may have to do with how wine is cultivated, and how the weather and climate affect the grapes in the vineyard.
Now we drink wine to Gods and Devils, The...

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Uploaded by:   mshams

Date:   12/01/2005

Category:   Chemistry

Length:   12 pages (2,723 words)

Views:   2788

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