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Term Papers 961 - 990

Theme of Scarlet Letter

“The rose bush, by a strange chance, has been kept alive in history; but whether it had merely survived out of the stern old wilde...

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Admin Published on 11/13/2000 1423 Reads Literature

The Cask of Amontillado: The Dangers of Pride

In one of Edgar Allen Poe's best-known tales of horror, "The Cask of Amontillado," he suggests that pride can be a very dangerous ...

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Admin Published on 11/12/2000 3164 Reads Literature

Death of A Salesman: The American Dream

For Willy and Linda, life's accomplishments and sources of pleasure are simple. This statement gives an excellent judgment of thei...

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Admin Published on 11/10/2000 3649 Reads Death of a Salesman


In Pouliuli, a novel written by Albert Wendt, Faleasa Osovae awakens to find the life he’s been living all along is a mere façade....

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justgap Published on 11/10/2000 2068 Reads Literature

A Moment of Revelation

In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield’s innocence is taken away through a twisted chain of events. The novel...

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Admin Published on 11/09/2000 2620 Reads The Catcher In The Rye

My Three Wants

Abraham Maslow has made a distinction between needs and wants. A need is a basic human requirement. On the other hand, a want is a...

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bubbajones Published on 11/08/2000 1447 Reads Literature

Great Gatsby: Analysis of the American Dream

The Great Gatsby is a novel that illustrates the society in the 1920's and the associated beliefs, values and dreams of the Americ...

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rchenery Published on 11/06/2000 2962 Reads The Great Gatsby

The Sun Also Rises

"This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper." (...

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ragnorak Published on 11/06/2000 1864 Reads Hemingway

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Les Liaisons Dangereuses is a complex and disturbing portrayal of the noble class in pre-revolutionary France. Set in the late eig...

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Klockman7 Published on 11/05/2000 1505 Reads Literature

The Crucible: Mary Warren

Set in 1692, The Crucible is a novel depicting the lives and conflicts of various Puritan characters during the Salem witch trials...

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jromely Published on 11/05/2000 3254 Reads The Crucible

Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the greatest pieces of literature from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia known to modern sc...

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Admin Published on 11/05/2000 1786 Reads Literature

The Hidden Reasons for Salem Accepting Abagail's Stories

Salem Witchcraft Trials Throughout society and throughout literature, vulnerable communities under certain conditions can be ea...

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hotrage98 Published on 11/05/2000 1750 Reads The Crucible

Consequences and Remedies of Din in the Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter shows many types of sin. Some is only sin in the Puritan eye, some is internally blamed sin and some is sin onl...

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becky1722 Published on 11/04/2000 1349 Reads The Scarlet Letter

Pride and Prejudice - Elizabeth and Mr Darcy

Elizabeth`s veiw of Mr.Drcy was first formed at the first ball, he was decided to be ``the proudest,most disagreeable man in the w...

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ay_ash Published on 11/03/2000 3197 Reads Pride and Prejudice

Oedipus Fate vs Free Will

Oedipus the King, was written by Sophocles between C.A.496-406B.C. In this play, Oedipus is a great example of Sophocles’ belief t...

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Admin Published on 11/02/2000 2001 Reads Literature

Dante's Inferno

Dante's use of allegory in the Inferno greatly varies from Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" in purpose, symbolism, characters and me...

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MIKEMASON Published on 10/30/2000 2184 Reads Literature

Maturation Of Scout

In Harper Lee’s novel, “To Kill A Mocking Bird” we see that maturation of some of the characters is clearly evident, particularly ...

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mercuryslayer Published on 10/30/2000 2031 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

The Influences Parents have on thier Children

Throughout our lives we're influenced and taught by many. It can have an effect on the way we view problems and events within publ...

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stravic Published on 10/29/2000 2037 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

The Importance of Squealer

Sly, greedy, and crafty are just a few characteristics that describe Squealer in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. This pig i...

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Pannell5 Published on 10/29/2000 2573 Reads Animal Farm

Nora Helmer and Women in American Literature

Women were valued very little by nineteenth century society. The treatment of these women was also extremely negative; they were e...

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jamira21 Published on 10/29/2000 3433 Reads A Doll's House

Invisibility of the Invisible Man

Living in the city, one sees many homeless people. After a while, each person loses any individuality and only becomes “another ho...

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je11y_00 Published on 10/27/2000 2721 Reads Invisible Man

Antigone: Gender Issues

One of the most devastating problems for the Classical Greeks was the women's issue. Women in Classical Greece were not citizens,...

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Admin Published on 10/26/2000 2598 Reads Antigone


A hero is a person noted for their act of courage and the nobility of their purpose. The hero of an epic poem embodies the ideals...

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therocksays Published on 10/25/2000 2157 Reads Beowulf

Causes of The Salem Witch Craft Trials

Witchcraft, Insanity, and the Ten Signs of Decay Since there never was a spurned lover stirring things up in Salem Village, and...

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msdude98 Published on 10/25/2000 3200 Reads The Crucible

All Quiet on the Western Front

Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front, a novel set in World War I, centers around the changes brought by the war onto one youn...

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Admin Published on 10/22/2000 2377 Reads All Quiet on the Western Front

Two Kinds - Jing-Mei Character Analysis

While trying to understand the reasons for her mother wanting Jing-Mei to be great, Jing-Mei discovers the real meaning of two kin...

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heavnslitldevil Published on 10/21/2000 2569 Reads Literature

The Crucible

Arthur Miller uses an abundance of irony in his play The Crucible. Irony in the crucible is shown at almost every aspect of the pl...

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Admin Published on 10/21/2000 2092 Reads The Crucible

Changes in Hester Prynne

The child, Pearl, is "a blessing and as a reminder of her sin." As if the scarlet A were not enough punishment there "was a brat o...

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Admin Published on 10/21/2000 1599 Reads The Scarlet Letter

Invisable Man - Black Leaders

At the time that Ralph Ellison writes the novel The Invisible Man there were, as there are today, many ideas on how to improve the...

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Admin Published on 10/21/2000 2551 Reads Invisible Man

An American Tragedy and the futility of the American Dream

An American Tragedy is an intriguing, frighteningly realistic journey into the mind of a murderer. It is a biography of its era. A...

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msdude98 Published on 10/20/2000 2040 Reads Literature