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Term Papers 1 - 22

Suffering in Antigone

Nothing of magnitude comes into the life of mortals without suffering and disaster.” This deeply pessimistic statement by Charles ...

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somethingsotrue Published on 02/07/2006 6438 Reads Antigone

Absolute power struggle

In the story Antigone, the King of Thebes, Creon, showed that too much power will corrupt anyone. As Creon became the one with tot...

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supershocker Published on 08/17/2002 3455 Reads Antigone

Antigone - Selfish

Through the many centuries and numerous civilizations, men have clearly taken the role as dominator. For many generations of men, ...

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Kiu Published on 05/19/2002 5586 Reads Antigone

Antigone: Creon’s Flaws

In the play Antigone I choose Creon to be the tragic hero because he is the King of Thebes and he looses everything he has. Creon ...

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Nik#J Published on 03/28/2002 4046 Reads Antigone

Antigone - Importance of gender in the opening scene

In looking at the first few exchanges between Ismene and Antigone by Sophocles, it is greatly apparent that there are plenty of so...

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scatzz Published on 12/12/2001 3123 Reads Antigone

Sophocles vs. Euripides

While both Sophocles and Euripides are considered writers of Greek tragedy, their plays (Antigone, Oedipus Rex, Medea) have some s...

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kalvinklen Published on 11/07/2001 9635 Reads Antigone

Tragic Hero

Aristotle described a tragic hero as being a person who, through a flaw, in their own character, is brought from a high position a...

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myusername Published on 10/07/2001 3513 Reads Antigone

The Tragic Hero in Antigone

Antigone is a Greek tragic piece that stresses the use of power and morality versus the law written by Sophocles. Both Antigone an...

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teetah02 Published on 08/11/2001 2977 Reads Antigone


Two sisters destined to love each other, but conflict interrupts their paths. The first’s journey is one of self-exploration and d...

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toddman Published on 08/06/2001 2509 Reads Antigone

Antigone - Pride and Conflict of Law

Sophocles’ Antigone, in its later phases is no longer about the conflict of law; It is about stubbornness and self will, about the...

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niki_norki Published on 05/18/2001 3846 Reads Antigone

Creon: A monarch within his rights

Defending Creon: a monarch within his rights to rule In Antigone, especially with the feminist movement now holding the title c...

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Steve4ster Published on 12/01/2000 2711 Reads Antigone

Antigone: Gender Issues

One of the most devastating problems for the Classical Greeks was the women's issue. Women in Classical Greece were not citizens,...

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Admin Published on 10/26/2000 3010 Reads Antigone

Empathy for Characters in Sophocle's Antigone

Sophocle's tragic play Antigone, written in 441 BC, is a theatrical piece of drama in which an audience is compelled to empathize ...

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Admin Published on 08/09/2000 3088 Reads Antigone


In our society today, movies and television shows are being broadcast all over the world to many genders, races, and ages. Some of...

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girlie4103 Published on 05/11/2000 2084 Reads Antigone

How the Choices of the Characters Affected Each Other

In everyday life, the outcome of your day can be altered by the simplest or most complicating choices. Antigone's decision to bury...

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Admin Published on 12/13/1999 2503 Reads Antigone


Antigone did the right thing by defileing Creon's strict orders on burying Polynices because the unalterable laws of the gods and ...

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Admin Published on 11/18/1999 2468 Reads Antigone


The debate over who is the tragic hero in Antigone continue on to this day. The belief that Antigone is the hero is a strong one. ...

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Admin Published on 11/18/1999 2551 Reads Antigone


This poem is quite successful in getting the plot across to the reader. Unfortunatly, that is all he can get across because of his...

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Admin Published on 11/18/1999 2585 Reads Antigone

Theme in Antigone

Antigone, by Sophocles, is a play that has three major themes. All three of these themes play a very important part in this play. ...

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Metaihedd Published on 10/25/1999 2858 Reads Antigone

Antigone: Divine Law vs. Human Law

The play entitled Antigone was written by a man named Sophocles, a scholarly author of philosophy and logic. The play Antigone is ...

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Admin Published on 09/26/1999 4062 Reads Antigone

The True Tragic Hero in Sophocles' Antigone

In Master Sophocles' Antigone, the question of who the tragic hero really is has been a subject of debate for a great number years...

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interdictor Published on 09/13/1999 3406 Reads Antigone

Gender Issues in Antigone

One of the most devastating problems for the Classical Greeks was the women's issue. Women in Classical Greece were not citizens, ...

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Admin Published on 07/06/1999 2466 Reads Antigone