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The Crucible

Uploaded by Admin on Oct 21, 2000

Arthur Miller uses an abundance of irony in his play The Crucible. Irony in the crucible is shown at almost every aspect of the play. The fact that the puritans are supposed to be good and strong and spreading the good ways of god is ironic in itself. In the play it shows the puritans accusing, blaming and holding grudges against each other. The puritans should have been going to church and helping each other but instead of that they were running around killing each other and accusing each other of things they were not doing. In Salem Witchcraft was used as a way of getting revenge. John Procter learned that Abigail really was dancing in the woods and that she admitted it. Elizabeth told Procter to go to Mr. Cheever and explain to him that Abigail is just trying to escape persecution by blaming multiple people of witchery. Then almost immediately after saying this Cheever shows up at the door saying he has a warrant to arrest Elizabeth Procter. It is quite ironic how Elizabeth gets arrested after she advises her husband to go talk to Cheever about how Abigail is blaming innocent people. Abigail blamed Elizabeth of trying to kill her with a needle that was jabbed into her stomach. It is ironic how that when Mary Warren Came home from court that afternoon she gave Goody Procter a poppet which contained a needle in the stomach. This meant that Elizabeth would be taken away without questioning. The people were not even given the chance to prove themselves innocent. The court treated people very harshly. They only let people live if they confessed to acting with the devil. If they did not confess they were executed. Innocent people died because they wanted to follow their Christian ways and be honest. All those who lied and said they worked with the devil just for the sake of living lived. It is ironic how the good innocent, Christian people were killed and the not so innocent ones who lied lived. It is ironic how that when procter goes to court to redeem his wife he gets blamed for being a witch and trafficing with the devil. He goes to explain to the judge that all of the girls in the court were just faking it and that they didn’t really see spirits. Then Abigail turns it around by saying...

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Uploaded by:   Admin

Date:   10/21/2000

Category:   The Crucible

Length:   2 pages (425 words)

Views:   2212

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The Crucible

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