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Term Papers 31 - 60

How Succesful Was The League Of Nations In The 1920s

The League of Nations was an organisation designed to maintain peace throughout the World. It was created during the Paris Peace...

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RyanPeakesGirl Published on 07/06/2006 4576 Reads History

Who Was To Blame For The Cold War?

The Cold war can be considered as one of the longest wars in history, it involved the two super powers of the time the USA and the...

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RyanPeakesGirl Published on 05/14/2006 3417 Reads History

Why was opposition to Franco so ineffective for so long?

“The regime of General Franco considered its greatest political achievement to be the establishment of an era of peace and order w...

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marisa Published on 05/14/2006 4043 Reads European History

The Classic Account of the Final Hours of the Titanic

Correct preparation can help ease out problems in times of troubles. The novel A Night to Remember, written by Walter Lord, proves...

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flipboi69 Published on 05/08/2006 1969 Reads History

Harlem Renaissance

What was the Harlem Renaissance? The Harlem Renaissance was an era where African-Americans revealed their abilities not only in li...

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Leiny Published on 04/23/2006 2640 Reads History

Why did the Industrial Revolution Happen There and Then?

In this essay I will be talking about why The Industrial revolution happened there and then. The essay will mainly consist of whic...

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farah_heidi Published on 04/20/2006 2177 Reads History

How Did Hitler Come to Power in 1933?

Adolf Hitler was a very lucky man throughout his lifeÉ It was November 1918 and Germany signed the armistice ending the Fir...

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Svejk Published on 04/20/2006 3164 Reads Nazi Germany

How the Nazis are Portrayed in Films

The Nazi Party has been filmed and chronicled since its creation and since the defeat of fascism in the Second World War; the Nazi...

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Svejk Published on 04/11/2006 2807 Reads Nazi Germany

Women in Iraq

Women in Iraq “It’s best if you are seen and not heard today,” my mother would say that to me just before we enter the sophist...

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chaminadechick Published on 03/12/2006 2440 Reads History

why did australia become involved in the vietnam war?

Why did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War? How did the Australian Government respond to the threat of communism afte...

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chloe4u Published on 03/07/2006 3596 Reads World War II

Great Plains

What were the economic, political, technological and social changes that took place on the Great Plains between 1800 and 1900? ...

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Rapidfries Published on 02/12/2006 2259 Reads History

To what extent was the Treaty of Versailles a sensible treaty in the circumstances of the time?

To what extent was the Treaty of Versailles a sensible treaty in the circumstances of the time? Some people think that the Trea...

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Mumei Published on 02/05/2006 8265 Reads History

How far was Hitler’s foreign policy to blame for the outbreak of war in the 1939?

In this essay, I am going to discuss about whether Hitler was to blame for the outbreak of war in the 1939 or not. Hitler’s foreig...

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Mumei Published on 02/05/2006 14097 Reads History

Thoughts on Elie Wiesel's "Night"

“To hate would be to reduce myself” is what Elie Wiesel told Opera in an interview. After all Wiesel had been through during the h...

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Bag puss Published on 01/17/2006 3643 Reads Nazi Germany

India and Mesopotamia

There were many differences between these two countries (India and Mesopotamia). They had very little amount of similarities but t...

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anumalefic Published on 01/17/2006 9372 Reads History

Macedonia for Macedonians , not for Greek

Greece - BIGEST SHAME FOR HUMANITY. After balkans wars 1912-14 y. Greece Robbery,Theft,Larceny,Pinch,Bulgary,Depredation pa...

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macedon Published on 12/22/2005 1992 Reads History

Martin Luther King's way

“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. It is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding, and ennobles the man wh...

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harsh_way Published on 11/20/2005 3053 Reads American History

Alexander the Great

The general characteristics of a great historical figure are leader ship, bravery, intelligence, self-confidence, and loyalty. T...

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*cutsie_blonde* Published on 11/07/2005 2077 Reads History

balck beard

Edward Teach, alias Blackbeard, "more than any other, can be called North Carolina's own pirate, although he was not a native of t...

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lalafreak4u Published on 11/04/2005 1924 Reads History

The position of the Etruscans in late prehistory

Many years before continental Europe was united by the enveloping grasp of the conquering Romans, in a fertile region just north o...

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apollo_crash Published on 11/02/2005 3071 Reads Ancient Rome

Oskar Schindler's metamorposis

“In the film ‘Schindler’s List’, Oskar Schindler undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis”. Discuss. The film ‘Schindler’s List’...

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Jay-V Published on 10/25/2005 3334 Reads Nazi Germany


Immigration to the U.S July 5, 1885 Hi my name is Savio Barnum. I live in Italy in the city of Bormio in the European co...

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rogueneal Published on 10/24/2005 1583 Reads History

Important Changes in Japan During the 20th Century

Important Changes in Japan During the 20th Century The 20th century was by all accounts an era of considerable progress for...

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irish_hoosier Published on 10/05/2005 2077 Reads History

In Sparta, citizenship brought power and privilege, but required devotion and personal sacrifice

The Laconians had a particularly strict and defined notion of citizenship. Only adult males who could prove their descent from ori...

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AngelClaire Published on 09/24/2005 3211 Reads Ancient Greece

Breaking the silence

Breaking the silence By Kheyal Azam Khalil The Asian Tsunami has resulted in the loss of more than 200, 000 lives and the de...

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Kheyal Published on 09/16/2005 2078 Reads History

Just how broad should suffrage be in a Republic?

Just how broad should suffrage be in a Republic? That question’s resonated throughout the history of the United States. Americ...

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Nategrey Published on 08/05/2005 2764 Reads American History

A Brief Comparison of Florence and Venice

A Brief Comparison of Florence and Venice Florence and Venice were the economic powerhouses of the late Middle Ages and early Ren...

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Nategrey Published on 08/05/2005 6318 Reads European History

The Scramble for Africa

By the mid 1800’s colonialism appeared to have become a thing of the past. Except for Canada, which was on its way toward self-rul...

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Nategrey Published on 08/05/2005 6073 Reads European History

the right to pre-emptively strike

When the big bully at school walks over with clenched fists and that mean look in his eye, is it ok to hit him first? When you se...

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beetg001 Published on 06/09/2005 1710 Reads History

Letter to a loved one

It’s cold. So cold it -- it goes deep into your bones, but there is one place I can go to find warmth and that is to think of you....

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 05/20/2005 2791 Reads World War I