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Why did the Industrial Revolution Happen There and Then?

Uploaded by farah_heidi on Apr 20, 2006

In this essay I will be talking about why The Industrial revolution happened there and then. The essay will mainly consist of which factors helped cause the Industrial revolution and conclude in me stating which factor I find affected the Industrial revolution the most. I will begin by explaining what the Industrial Revolution is, when and also where it took place. The term Industrial Revolution is the name given to the sudden enlargement of Britain’s industry in the late 18thand early 19th centuries.

The range of factors that helped cause the Industrial revolution are things such as plenty of raw materials. This is proven by: railways and machines were now made much faster and easier because now there were enough materials needed to make iron and steel which was the main metals of railways and machines. There were new industries and the population was growing giving extra labour to work in the industries. Cotton business booming and spinners couldn’t work fast enough to make the cotton into yarn which was supplied to them. There was enough coal to drive stem machinery in factories.

Another thing is Britain’s population was expanding. This can be proven by: the growing population of people provided the extra labour needed to work in the industries. Many businesses profited because the more people there were the more people would buy, giving businesses more money. Also there were many new ideas and inventions. This can be proven by: There were many people who were individuals, industrialists and inventors. These people saw how to make business out of other people’s new inventions. Arkwright perfected his own spinning machine this one was much simpler to operate than the ‘jenny’. Also Arkwright made the spinning frame and then made it known as the ‘water frame’. The water frame became very successful. Several more machines were installed in the factory and then more mills were built, at Cromford and around Britain.

A factor that can also be counted is that Britain had a food surplus. This can be proven by: They grew more food to feed the growing population, particularly the town population, which did not grow its own food. The profits made by some farmers and landowners were invested in industry or in transport improvements such as canals. Farmers and farm workers earned more and so had more money to spend on goods produced by industry. Another thing is that...

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Uploaded by:   farah_heidi

Date:   04/20/2006

Category:   History

Length:   5 pages (1,044 words)

Views:   2052

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Why did the Industrial Revolution Happen There and Then?

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